March 2013

Golf the Musical: Fun for the whole foursome (and everyone else)

Author: Special To C2 Magazine

Perfectly timed to ready Lowcountry residents and visitors alike to the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament in April, the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina is presenting the hilarious Golf: The Musical, on stage March 25-30. This is a Saturday Night Live-style musical revue that pokes fun at everything from plaid pants to those who take forever to situate a swing. With a fabulous foursome of actors, this razor-edged musical celebrates the fun, frustration and elation of this obsessive sport, while taking a good humored, mischievous thwack at the game.

Playing to international acclaim since its Off-Broadway premiere in 2003, New York producer Eric Krebs concedes that many people have shaken their heads over the idea of a show called Golf: The Musical, but he thinks it is the most logical thing in the world. “In an odd sort of way, golf and theater are a natural,” he said. “I have always been obsessed by theater, as many are with golf. You just get into it, and you want to know all about it; you want to beat it. And you can never perfect it, like golf. You can never explain it; never solve it, even though you think you can. The similarities are there.”

It was Krebs, who has been producing theater for nearly 40 years without ever having a breakout, commercial hit, who first had the idea for the show. Over time, he noticed that a couple of revues—Forbidden Broadway and The Capitol Steps—have remained popular and profitable, year after year. And he realized they had similar formulas.

“I thought to myself, ‘Hmm, four people and a piano. Four. Foursome. Golf!’”

So he took the idea of Golf: The Musical and took a swing at it, with the help of composer-lyricist Michael Roberts, who was once accompanist for The Capitol Steps.

It turned out that kidding the mystique of golf, with all its foibles and fanaticism, was very popular with avid golfers, once you could convince them to leave the links and enjoy a show.

“Some of what we’ve been dealing with is people who have golfers in their families,” Krebs said. “People who say, ‘Uncle Lou would love that when he comes to New York,’ or ‘I got my husband to go to the theater finally because it’s golf.’”

But everyone will connect with Golf: The Musical. You do not need to be a golfer to enjoy the show.

The show whips along with a breathless energy, digging into a repertoire reminiscent of the Hope-Crosby road movies, with songs such as “My Husband is Playing Around,” “Life’s Unanswerable Questions,” and “Big Bertha.”

Of course, no golf show would be complete without mentioning its most controversial icon. Tiger Woods’ eponymous song is at once hilarious and charming….and sprinkled with a little innuendo!

The final number, “I’m Going Golfing Tomorrow,” is a comical tribute to the addicting lure of golf among its loyal devotees who would forsake everything (i.e., their safety, their health, even their spouses) just to take a swing with that revered golf club.The versatility of these four exceedingly talented actors is cleverly showcased, and the result is a highly engaging and irreverently funny show. M.G. Orender, PGA of America past president said, “I fell in love with the Golf: The Musical the first time I saw it in New York.”

Golf: The Musical runs March 25-30. Tickets are only $39 and can be ordered by visiting or by calling (843) 842-ARTS or toll free at (888) 860-2787.

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