February 2013

Club Tan

Author: Kitty Bartell | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Achieving a warm tan glow without spending days at the beach or poolside has come a long way. Gone are the days of the wobbly-armed, metal lamp that could be extended to hover overhead as you lay prone on your bed. Victims of this process had to carefully calculate time spent under the lamp as well as the position of the lamp in order to achieve any semblance of a glow. Personally, my greatest achievement was a pre-spring break burn to my pale Scottish complexion that ultimately put me one burn ahead on a sunburn-filled vacation at the beach.

In glaring contrast, Hilton Head Island’s Club Tan is a revelation and an oasis. Whether preparing for a special event or trip, or wanting to maintain a sun-kissed glow any time of the year, Club Tan is a delightful salon where all tanning needs are met and where clients can have a peaceful mini-break any time of the day.

Owned locally by entrepreneurial islanders and friends, Matt Logee and Juan Brantley, the duo took ownership of Club Tan on March 1, 2012 and began the process of putting the pink back in its cheeks. Originally opened in 2003, the salon was ready for revitalization, and Logee and Brantley were up to the task. According to Logee, “The business had a lot of potential.”

Club Tan is fulfilling that potential. The owners say one of the keys to their success is their energetic staff members who take pride in their jobs. Lead by salon manager Ali Keota, and supported by associates Paige Smith and Brigitte Eigenmann, Keota says the real success comes because, “We have a little family here. Clients come in and get their fifteen minute break from life.”

The Club Tan family has created a little oasis in their second floor suite on New Orleans Road. With a cozy reception area, clients can relax on plush sofas and even shop for the latest tanning products, lotions, and teeth whitening options. “The Snooki line works really well. All the products are tanning lotions, including bronzers with tingle factor, Tan Maximizer, Bronzer, and Ultra-Dark Bronzer with Skin Firming,” Keota said. The team can make recommendations on the best products to help maximize the tanning experience. In addition to the new Kardashian line, Keota stocks a variety of products and works to fulfill clients’ special requests.

The salon’s selection of tanning beds and a spray tanning option are the vehicles by which a just-off-the-beach tan is achieved. With three levels of Ergoline tanning beds, Club Tan can easily personalize the experience to the client’s preferences and needs.

The Ergoline Classic 300 is an entry level bronzing bed, best for fair skinned clients who need to tan with a little more care. The Ergoline Avantgarde 600 is a more luxurious vehicle, offering several comfort control features, full-body bronzing lamps, adjustable high-pressure facials, and specific shoulder lamps. Finally, the Ergoline

Classic 650 is the luxury Hummer of hybrid tanning beds, with a combination of high pressure and low pressure lamps, giving clients a deep bronze color very quickly. Keota, who sports a creamy, nutty brown tan, says she prefers, “the more high powered bed,” where she maintains her look with once-a-week sessions.

Offering Norvell Sunless Spray Tanning since spring 2012, Brantley said, “Spray tanning has really taken off for us.” The staff at Club Tan is certified and trained in all aspects of the process, from preparation in the 24-48 hours prior to the session and the spray tan application itself to the follow-up care required to maintain the tan. According to the team, Norvell provides a very natural looking tan with no “orange” color development and no sticky or streaky results. “We see a lot of wedding parties come in for spray tanning,” Logee said. The holidays are also a busy time for spray tanning as clients prepare for events and parties.

The clients at Club Tan are motivated to tan for various reasons according to Brantley and Logee. Tourists come in to guarantee going home with a tan. “They came to Hilton Head Island, so they have to go home with a tan,” Logee explained. According to Brantley, “A lot of food and beverage employees don’t have time to go to the beach. We offer a discount to local food and beverage workers.” Other professional and working people have limited daytime schedules, and Club Tan gives them the opportunity to maintain a year-round glow on their own schedules.

Several clients reap the benefits of tanning for medical conditions. Clients with psoriasis or other skin conditions may be under a doctor’s orders to spend time in the sun or get ultraviolet light treatments. Club Tan provides anytime treatment without the concern of interruptions due to cloudy, cold, or rainy days. Other clients find relief from symptoms of arthritis due to the warmth they experience during the tanning process.

Club Tan’s mission is to accommodate the personal tanning needs of each client with the best and newest products and services available. They offer various pricing packages designed to meet the individual needs of the client and strive to maintain a clean, cheerful salon. In addition to thorough daily cleaning, the entire team does a monthly deep cleaning after hours, Brantley said.

Research has shown that people are perceived to be thinner, healthier, and happier with a tan. “For whatever reason, people just seem to feel better with a tan,” Logee said; and Club Tan seems to make people feel better. Whether it’s a honey-colored, flawless tan, or having fifteen minutes in the day where there are no phone calls to take, appointments to keep, or questions to answer, or a medical condition is relieved, Club Tan will take you on a welcome, peaceful, mini-break.

Club Tan is located at 38 New Orleans Road, Suite C, Hilton Head Island. Please visit their website at clubtanhhi.com or call (843) 686-4826.

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