December 2012

Meet CH2's Top Ten Bachelorettes of 2013

Author: Maggie Washo

Meet CH2’s Top Ten Bachelorettes

Photography by Anne
Hair by Tracee and Holly at Salon Artistry
Make-up by Jessica Shefsick at SKINZIN
Special thanks to Craig Copas of Harbourside Marine Group, Inc.

These ten ladies charmed our judges with their questionnaires and helped raise $14,331 for the Island Rec Center this year at our Bachelorette Party at Reilley’s Plaza on October 25. Now, it’s your turn to decide who wins the coveted title of Bachelorette of 2013 – with a $5000 payout and her face on the cover of our January issue. Voting starts December 1, and runs through midnight on December 12. Log onto to cast your vote. One vote per person. Every vote counts (We have no electoral college at CH2).

Extra Special thanks to Klaus and Brigitte Gueldenpfennig who generously hosted our photo shoot on their 66’ Vicem Custom Sport Yacht, The Jackalope, handcrafted by Vicem Yachts in Tuzula, Turkey. We cannot thank-you enough for the beautiful location in Windmill Harbor. This exquisite yacht is currently for sale. All inquiries should go to Craig Coyne at Harbourside Marine Group in Shelter Cove Harbour.

Ruthi Collins

Jordan Nimmer

Katie Boone

Brittany Shane

Maggie Mueller

Kathy Bolton

Rona Livingston Bartolomucci

Jill Lutz

Heather Carlsberg

Shannon Krieger

  1. I vote for Katie who is not only pretty but a talented teacher.
    E. Blind

    — Katie Boone    Nov 30, 06:51 pm   

  2. I vote for Shannon Krieger because she has great values, is hard-working, sassy but sweet, very witty and is always looks out for her friends and family and would do anything for them.

    — John Reed    Nov 30, 08:02 pm   

  3. I vote for Heather Carlsberg for she is the sweetest most generous person I have had the absolute privilege of knowing!

    — Kassidy    Nov 30, 09:08 pm   

  4. Katie Boone gets my vote. She has a terrific grandmother here in Ohio, so she must be great!

    — Delores T.    Dec 1, 09:33 am   

  5. Voting for Katie Boone!
    Wonderful young lady!

    — Katie Boone    Dec 1, 10:22 am   

  6. I vote for Rona Livingston Bartolomucci for her impeccable taste, charming smile, loving personality, and an unassuming grace like I have seen few times in my whole life!

    — Navid Amidi    Dec 1, 01:35 pm   

  7. I vote for Katie Boone!

    — Bobbie    Dec 1, 02:36 pm   

  8. I vote for Maggie she is beautiful for real! Not just on the outside but inside as well.

    — Debbie    Dec 1, 02:44 pm   

  9. i vote jill lutz

    — Rachel    Dec 1, 02:51 pm   

  10. I vote for Kathy Bolton. She is a beautiful, loving mother with a wonderful personality and a fun sense of humor.

    — J.Lucas    Dec 1, 03:05 pm   

  11. Katie Boone gets my vote.

    — Liz Barry    Dec 1, 03:43 pm   

  12. I vote for Katie Boone

    — marilyn    Dec 1, 03:53 pm   

  13. I vote for Katie Boone !

    — Marianna    Dec 1, 04:17 pm   

  14. I vote for Ruthie Collins. She is fantastic!

    — Dennis    Dec 1, 05:48 pm   

  15. I vote for Katie Boone…hometown girl from Lancaster, Ohio.

    — Mrs. C    Dec 1, 11:28 pm   

  16. I vote for Katie Boone!

    — Rita    Dec 2, 09:24 am   

  17. I vote for Ruthi Collins. She is absolutely hilarious, smart and witty, and a hard worker.

    — Anne    Dec 2, 01:40 pm   

  18. I vote for Katie Boone! She is my daughter Ruby’s Kindergarten teacher and Ruby says love love love Miss Boone!! Hurray for Miss Katie Boone!

    — Jennifer Winzeler    Dec 2, 02:31 pm   

  19. I vote for Heather Carlsberg because she is truly the most genuine person I know. She is also drop dead gorgeous! It’s pretty hard to find both!

    — Andrew    Dec 2, 03:30 pm   

  20. I vote for Heather Carlsberg!!

    — Lanie Garifallou    Dec 2, 04:28 pm   

  21. Heather has my vote. Most genuine, kind hearted person I know. She shines rays of beauty everywhere she is.

    — Cassidy    Dec 2, 04:54 pm   

  22. i vote for jill lutz because she is beautiful and talented

    — grace    Dec 2, 05:06 pm   

  23. I vote for HEATHER!!! She is so gorgeous and she has the sweetest soul! Always positive and always encouraging even in stormy weather! Love you girl!

    — Olivia    Dec 2, 06:17 pm   

  24. I vote for Jordan Nimmer.

    — Sharon Boyles    Dec 2, 07:53 pm   

  25. I vote for Jordan Nimmer!

    — Dayle    Dec 2, 08:05 pm   

  26. I vote for Jill Lutz, she’s a wonderful person!

    — Sara    Dec 2, 08:47 pm   

  27. Jill Lutz because bow chica wow wow!

    — Chris Donelson    Dec 2, 09:10 pm   

  28. I vote for Jill Lutz….this woman has always been a ray of sunshine!

    — Amanda Gayler    Dec 2, 09:26 pm   

  29. Maggie Mueller gets my vote because she deserves a perfect date. I also liked what she said about being a better version of yourself everyday.

    — Adam    Dec 3, 09:55 am   

  30. My vote goes for Jordan Nimmer!!

    — Lynn    Dec 3, 10:10 am   


    — MELODY D. PERKINS    Dec 3, 12:13 pm   

  32. My Vote Goes To Jordan!!! <3 As BEAUTIFUL On The Inside As She Is On The Outside!!!!!

    — Patsy    Dec 3, 12:39 pm   

  33. I vote for Heather Carlsburg!!! She is the friend every girl wants, and the woman every man dreams of! Gorgeous, intelligent, athletic, and super sweet! The total package!

    — Courtney    Dec 3, 02:29 pm   

  34. My vote is for JILL LUTZ!! She is nothing shy of amazing. I mean seriously look at that face!

    — Jazmyn    Dec 3, 04:01 pm   

  35. Jill Lutz simply the best!! Great person!! Beautiful.

    — Tanya    Dec 3, 05:15 pm   

  36. I vote for Jill Lutz

    — Dave    Dec 3, 05:41 pm   

  37. I vote for Jill Lutz because I grew up with Jill since the 5th grade. I went to middle school,high school and college with her. She is a fantastic woman and any man would be LUCKY to be with her. She is smart, sophisticated and cosmopolitan. She is also very beautiful!

    Vote for Jill Lutz!

    — Jeffrey Baggett    Dec 3, 10:07 pm   

  38. I vote for Heather Carlsberg. She was a lovely girl whom I went to school with and she totally deserves this!

    — Angie    Dec 3, 11:08 pm   

  39. I vote fo Jill Lutz..BEAUTIFULL ,….Just AMAZING ,Wonderfull gal.!

    — Cheryl & EDDIE    Dec 4, 11:23 am   

  40. My vote is for Rona Bartolomucci-Amazing

    RBL Sr. Dec. 4th

    — Ronald B Livingston Sr.    Dec 4, 12:06 pm   

  41. I vote Jill lutz she is a beautiful younge women a great 7 th grade teacher and has a wonderful personality

    — Katelyn    Dec 4, 03:13 pm   

  42. I vote for Shannon

    — Betty    Dec 4, 04:14 pm   

  43. My son could not have a brighter, more beautiful teacher! Our vote is for Katie.

    — Dina    Dec 4, 04:33 pm   

  44. I vote for Jill Lutz!!

    — Katrina    Dec 4, 04:46 pm   

  45. I vote for Jill Lutz! One of the greatest, if not THE greatest teacher I’ve had. She’s a great mentor with a flawless personality!

    — John Pratt    Dec 4, 05:59 pm   

  46. I vote for Jill lutz.

    — Heather Thompson    Dec 4, 06:03 pm   

  47. I vote JILL LUTZ …a sweet, kind & caring person also dedicated to the success of her students!

    — Dee Hulce    Dec 4, 06:30 pm   

  48. I vote Jill Lutz! Beautiful inside and out!

    — Tracey    Dec 4, 06:33 pm   

  49. I vote Jill Lutz- natural beauty.

    — Justice paxson    Dec 4, 07:03 pm   

  50. I vote for Jill Lutz who is not only one of the most beautiful women you will ever meet inside and out. But is also An amazingly strong mother for both her beautiful children

    — Sean babb    Dec 4, 07:34 pm   

  51. I vote for Jill Lutz because she is a great friend and an incredible person!

    — Ashley Frady    Dec 4, 11:27 pm   

  52. Jill is the best by far!An amazing,brave,strong willed and soulfull woman.

    — leslie joslin    Dec 5, 06:07 am   

  53. I vote for Ruthi Collins, funny, kind, loyal & beautiful

    — Phaedra    Dec 5, 08:11 am   

  54. I submit my vote for Rona. She is so deserving of this award.

    — KEW    Dec 5, 12:20 pm   

  55. Can’t be better said: Ruthi Collins has an infectious, hilarious personality; is a loyal, true, free spirit; plus her beauty extends beyond the obvious. One vote for Ruthi!

    — Richard Parnell    Dec 5, 01:29 pm   

  56. I vote for Katie Boone-a wonderful teacher and person!

    — GLK    Dec 5, 03:11 pm   

  57. I vote for Rona because she’s a nice person.

    — Keith    Dec 5, 04:24 pm   

  58. I vote for Katie Boone.

    — Jane Gartrell    Dec 5, 08:30 pm   

  59. Katie Boone has my vote

    — Heather    Dec 5, 08:58 pm   

  60. I vote for Ruthie! She’s such a wonderful person!

    — Caryn Covelli    Dec 5, 09:51 pm   

  61. I Vote for Katie Boone

    — Pete Kunkler    Dec 6, 07:06 am   

  62. I vote for Kathy Bolton. She is a hard working,caring individual!

    — Chris Makovsky    Dec 6, 09:43 am   

  63. I vote for Ruthi Collins, a beautiful lady.

    — Jim    Dec 6, 02:15 pm   

  64. I vote for Rona Bartolomucci.

    — Devin Gee    Dec 6, 04:54 pm   

  65. I vote for Rona Bartolomucci

    — Mike Simcox    Dec 6, 04:57 pm   

  66. Vote for Kathy Bolton – beautiful

    — Jim    Dec 6, 08:06 pm   

  67. I Vote For Jordan! Beautiful,Compassionate Friend!

    — Ashley Fernandez    Dec 7, 12:18 pm   

  68. Katie Boone a real PRIDE & JOY.

    — Sherry Beery    Dec 7, 03:49 pm   

  69. All beautiful ladies. Stop by the Kingfisher for your buy one get one free entree dinner. See website for coupon. Congrats.

    — Todd    Dec 8, 09:55 pm   

  70. I am voting for Jill Lutz because she is a great mom, and friend. We were college roommates and she stood up for me at my wedding 12 years ago. Wonderful woman!

    — Amy Zbkair    Dec 9, 11:38 am   

  71. I vote for Maggie Mueller!

    — Pam Coccaro    Dec 9, 11:57 am   

  72. Not only is Jill Lutz beautiful, she is a survivor. She has my vote

    — Cathy hentges    Dec 9, 01:54 pm   

  73. I vote Shannon Krieger!

    — Jaime    Dec 10, 09:35 am   

  74. I vote for Kathy Bolton! :)

    — Bridgette    Dec 10, 02:17 pm   

  75. I vote for Rona bartolomucci

    — Ana    Dec 10, 05:22 pm   

  76. I vote Katie Boone! Wonderful person, sweet as can be and true to herself!

    — Ashley Coons    Dec 11, 07:41 am   

  77. No one but Shannon gets my vote!!!

    — Keith    Dec 11, 12:17 pm   

  78. I vote for Katie Boone because she is hilarious and a great neighbor.

    — Christina    Dec 11, 04:25 pm   

  79. We vote for Kathy Bolton. She is a caring, generous neighbor.

    — Melanie Floyd    Dec 11, 06:06 pm   

  80. I vote Kathy Bolton

    — Sarah Floyd    Dec 11, 06:12 pm   

  81. I vote for the golf girl, Heather Carlsberg…..because she is real!!

    — Carla    Dec 11, 10:41 pm   

  82. I vote for Heather!

    — karen    Dec 12, 11:28 am   

  83. I vote for Jill Lutz

    — Walter Boswell    Dec 12, 01:14 pm   

  84. I vote for Heather, so GENUINE, that smile says it all…

    — Jim    Dec 12, 04:01 pm   

  85. I vote for Jill Lutz!

    — Stephanie Brandon    Dec 12, 04:37 pm   

  86. Voting for Jill Lutz!

    — Alison Lamberth    Dec 12, 05:08 pm   

  87. I vote for Jill Lutz!

    — Barbi Hord    Dec 12, 05:12 pm   

  88. I vote for one of the most amazingly beautiful, talented, intelligent, creative and honest people I have ever met in my life. If I could be just 1%like like her I would be a 100% better man. Congratulations Jill Lutz you will always be the winner to me. I <3U U

    — Matthew Gregory    Dec 12, 05:27 pm   

  89. My vote is for Jill Lutz!

    — Amanda Tisdale    Dec 12, 06:13 pm   

  90. Go Jill Lutz!!

    — Brian Tisdale    Dec 12, 06:16 pm   

  91. I vote for Katie Boone

    — Dave Fink    Dec 12, 07:20 pm   

  92. I vote for Ruthi Collins, because she is one good looking, hilarious woman!! GO RUTHI!!

    — Whitney Smoak    Dec 12, 07:39 pm   

  93. I vote for Ruthi Collins!!

    — W.S.    Dec 12, 07:47 pm   

  94. I vote for Ruthi Collins!!

    — Gray C.    Dec 12, 07:49 pm   

  95. I vote for Jill Lutz.

    — Mike    Dec 12, 09:18 pm   

  96. I vote for Jill Lutz… Truly beautiful inside and out.

    — JZ    Dec 12, 09:46 pm   

  97. Voting for Shannon!!!

    — Stanton    Dec 12, 11:21 pm   

  98. Jill lutz

    — Matthew Gregory    Dec 12, 11:56 pm   

  99. Heather Carlsberg is the most beautiful person inside and out. She truly deserves this, and so much more! GO GIRL!

    — Evann C    Dec 13, 08:39 pm   

  100. I vote for Katie Boone.the pretty girl next door.

    — chinty g.    Dec 29, 09:14 am   

  101. I voted for Ruthie Collins because shes beautiful, hard working and a role model for all of Hilton Head and beyond!

    — Kenny DeFriese    Dec 29, 11:55 am   

  102. I vote for Ruthi Collins!!!

    — Teresa Bridges    Dec 30, 04:38 am   

  103. My vote goes to Heather…known her for a few years now and this girl is simply the best…it doesn’t get any better than this girl…good luck Heather..

    — mark    Jan 12, 05:27 pm   

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