November 2012

Meet CH2's Bachelorette Nominees

Author: Special to CH2 Magazine

  1. I think Ruth Collins for her age is amazing.

    — Patrick McCormick    Nov 8, 08:43 pm   

  2. I would like to vote for Ruthi Collins! I’ve known her for a long time and she is a beautiful, fun and thoughtful person!

    — Tatiana    Nov 29, 10:27 pm   

  3. There is no question. Deffinately Jill Lutz! She is an awesome teacher and she is so pretty! All of her students adore her! ;)

    — Lexi Bellamy    Nov 30, 03:19 pm   

  4. Jill lutz of course!!!! She is a very awesome teacher and mother. Everyone just loves her for who she is :) <3

    — Vianney    Nov 30, 03:44 pm   

  5. Jill Lutz!!! She’s awesome!!!!!!!! Everyone loves her :)

    — Ernestina    Nov 30, 06:20 pm   

  6. Jill Lutz!!! She’s a very nice and respectfull person!!!

    — Yunin    Nov 30, 09:36 pm   

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