November 2006

The Sanctuary

Author: Elisabeth Reed

A Holiday Haven for the Harried

For many people, the holiday season stirs up warm memories of family gatherings, Thanksgiving toasts, Mom’s home cooking, festive parties, decorating cookies and snuggling up by the fire.

For others, it means running around like a chicken (or perhaps a turkey) with its head cut off! With to-do lists a mile long, gifts to purchase, parties to plan, and decorations that are still in boxes, it’s no wonder that many of us feel overwhelmed by the demands of the holiday season. While it is easy to get caught up in the madness, it is important during this time to search for some sanity amidst all the chaos.

The perfect place to find refuge during this stressful season is at the Sanctuary Day Spa. Owner Lisa Murphy, a licensed aesthetician, explained, “At the Sanctuary, we focus on relaxation. Our primary goal is to make sure our guests are relaxed.”

While you may feel guilty indulging in hours of downtime instead of crossing off your to-do list, time spent on yourself during this season is crucial for your well-being. “During the holidays, we spend so much time thinking about others, we really need to take the time to think of ourselves as well,” Murphy said. “When you take care of yourself, you are happier and more cheerful, and you can take care of others better.”

A haven for locals, the Sanctuary is a popular place for giving the gift of relaxation. “Gift certificates are huge during the holidays,” said Murphy. Available in any denomination, a gift certificate is a welcome present this time of year. The Sanctuary is also a popular spot for holiday office parties. The spa can accommodate up to nine guests, making it a unique and memorable location for office get-togethers.

When the holiday season becomes too much to handle, take a moment to make an appointment at the Sanctuary. Give yourself the opportunity to slow down and escape, so that you can actually enjoy the holiday season. You (and everyone around you) will be thankful you did.

The Sanctuary
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