November 2012

Nov 2012: Letters to the Editor…

Author: Special To C2 Magazine

Ms. Washo,
Your magazine implores the readers to “save the date” of October 25 at Reilley’s Plaza to meet CH2’s Bachelorettes of 2013. After seeing the photograph of them I doubt that anyone with any class is going to be interested in being there. Real “ladies” are taught that when photographed that one should keep their legs together and smile when being photographed for something like this, but there is not one indication that even one out the seven had such an education or if so all seven chose to ignore their upbringing! One would think that this is just another advertisement for “the bad girls club” or some other such nonsense. After last month’s cover and the letter that was published regarding it, maybe you would take the hint that this kind of thing isn’t what most people are looking for. From the look of these women, I’d be expecting a hair pulling, face slapping cat fight when the winner is announced. (The picture on page 20 showing a bridesmaid getting hit in the mouth by another bridesmaid and the $100 to the best Bridezilla says it all)

Maybe I’m supposed to have a sense of humor about this, but it’s REALLY NOT FUNNY. Thanks for making the guys look great and TRASHING down the women. We need better examples for young women than this. You’re a woman and you’re an editor. I don’t need to tell you that this was done in very poor taste.

Val Head

Dear Maggie,
On behalf of HH Heroes, I want to thank you for your continued interest in and support of our organization. The ad you placed in the October issue for our annual fundraiser at TidePointe is very much appreciated. We hope that you might join us for a wonderful evening to raise much needed funds to keep the Heroes House filled and running smoothly!

With gratitude for your kind consideration, I am.

Susan G. Woods

Dear Local Business Owners,
My name is Rich Neste and I have been a business owner on Hilton Head Island for the last 8 years. Our company works with a number of different service industries and we are firm believers in local business and local support. Over the years, my technology company, Performance Development Corporation, has worked with the largest hospitality vendors in the area, generating millions of dollars in revenue, accommodation tax and worldwide exposure to Hilton Head Island vacationers and home owners.
The Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce hired my company to help assist them in their website optimization and keyword placement for popular search terms for Hilton Head Island. Many of our local business partners asked us to help assist our Chamber because of the spiral effect of a strong local Chamber of Commerce. I write this letter today with hope to change the way our current Chamber of Commerce is treating the local business owner.

Below are 5 facts about our current Chamber of Commerce.
· Less than 30% of the total revenue collected from all sources (member dues, tax allocations, grants, and advertising sales) is being used to promote the island.

· The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce has a total of 5 employees.

·The Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce has 26 employees, no elections or term limits of board members and uses subcontractors outside of the United States to perform work.

· The Chamber’s president earns $315,000 per year plus benefits, expenses and other perks, which perhaps take his annual income closer to $400,000. The national average for a comparable Chamber of Commerce leadership position is $166,000, and even less for cities with populations under 50,000 like Hilton Head Island. Abusive salary anyway you try and justify it, like our current board members have attempted to do. Bill Miles seems to have been successful surrounding himself with people who are willing to approve this abuse. Salaries of our other leaders are: SC Gov – $106K, Pres. Obama – $400K, Local Mayor – $10K. Is Bill Miles more important than these leaders? Just Imagine – it takes 1000 members at $400 per year membership just to cover the salary of Bill Miles, not to mention the other 25 salaries.

· The local Chamber of Commerce should stay true to their mission statement and spend less money on overhead and salaries and more money on promoting this beautiful destination.

The only way to make a change is if other chamber members see the unfair advantage. Please join me in the Hilton Head Island Business Association and learn more about how local businesses can still have a say in how our destination is promoted in the future.

Rich Neste

  1. rich, so very well articulated… i am proud of you…….rick

    — richard esack    Nov 2, 09:24 am   

  2. Nice job Rich Neste! This place has so much potential; if we could just change out the old guard.

    — Shawn Kimble    Nov 2, 09:47 am   

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