November 2012

Is Your Home Dressed For Success?

Author: Kelly Hughes

It is said that if one dresses for the part, he or she is more likely to act the part. If that is true, what can be said about an interior space dressed for the part?
In other words, what is the value of a well-designed home or villa? When considering the way we utilize our interior spaces, proper design can have a very valuable impact. Hiring a designer may be worth the investment whether it’s your property for sale, for rent or for personal use.

Until recently, many realtors and homeowners didn’t consider the value of proper design when placing a home on the market. Naming a fair and competitive price will attract viewers, but a properly designed or staged home will attract buyers. In readying a property for the real estate market, a designer will ensure that each space is appropriately furnished and accessorized to best show its size and function. This allows a buyer to see the true potential of the home as it would apply to them. Buyers not only need to be able to imagine how the spaces may work for them, but they are more drawn to those where they see the fewest obstacles in turning it into their desired home.

For the seller, this could be as simple as rearranging some furnishings and accessories to more involved renovations and interior redesign. Hiring a designer requires an investment upfront but may save the seller a great deal of time on the market and drastic price reductions.

When it comes to vacationing, accommodations play a big role. The short-term rental market is one of Hilton Head Island’s most lucrative markets. Vacationers have many properties from which to choose, making it a very competitive market for short-term rentals. Having a well decorated property will not only attract vacationers, but it can result in repeat bookings that could lead to higher rates. This benefits not only the property owner but also the property manager who will work harder to push the most desirable properties first.

Hiring a designer will ensure an attractive look along with the proper furnishings and accessories to best withstand heavy use. A designer will know how to correctly set up a rental property with attention to budget and time frames. This can be crucial to the property owner’s investment in saving time and money.

When it comes to personal property, it is easy to become overwhelmed when selecting the right colors, fixtures, flooring, countertops, furnishings and accessories to create the desired look for one’s own personal space. Knowing how to select these items to maintain a well-laid out and cohesive look can be tricky. Mistakes are easy to make and cost time and money. A designer will work with homeowners to ensure that the look they have in mind comes to life, selecting the appropriate colors and materials with respect to the established budget and time frame. A designer will also know how to mix old with new, less expensive with high end and most importantly when and where it is okay to cut corners or not. The outcome should be a home that plays to the likings of the owners, reflecting their personalities with balance and harmony.

Whether it’s for selling, for renting or for your own personal use, proper design can enhance the role of your home or villa. Make sure your home or villa is well-dressed for the part. Hire a designer and get it done right!

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