October 2012

Lefty Teaching Pro Makes Right Decision

Author: Special To C2 Magazine

Back in 2001, PGA Master Professional Steve Anderson and Lowcountry golf writer and publisher Paul deVere teamed up to produce and publish the first left handed golf instruction book to go out in well over three decades. In this very niche market of left-handed golfers, the book was an instant hit.

Fast forward to 2012. Anderson and deVere were at it again, this time on the golf pro’s second instruction book that, as deVere described it, took advantage of Anderson’s unusual teaching method, something he had written about in his first article about the lefty but didn’t capitalize on until the method became too obvious to ignore: “Steve teaches the same way “lefty” Phil Mickelson, a right hander, learned to play golf. He did it by watching his father,” deVere explained, “from the left side, a mirror image.”

From that recognition of Anderson’s instructional method, not only was the new book published and a new DVD produced, but an entire website devoted to golf instruction was born. The site, mirrorimagegolfswing.com, features free, weekly golf instruction tips by Anderson and something both unique and entertaining for golf instruction sites, the Steve and Mitch Show, a 10 minute fun and funny golf tip and interview show featuring Anderson, ESPN commentator and celebrity golfer Mitch Laurance, and celebrity guests, who not only need help with their golf swing, but represent a charity they want to promote.

The first guest was retired basketball coach and Hilton Head Islander Bobby Cremins, known best for two decades with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and, more recently as coach at the College of Charleston.

The show even features a theme song by well known New Orleans songwriter, musician and golfer, Billy Mac, whose song, “The Old Course,” was chosen as the theme song for the University of St. Andrews 600th anniversary.

“While my instruction method has been very successful with both my right handed and lefty students, I’ve always been hesitant about throwing a bunch of technical golf stuff at my students. While I teach a few pros, the majority of my students are amateurs. They just want to get a little better so they can enjoy the game more. That’s been my passion for years, to bring back the enjoyment of the game for all players,” Anderson said.

That passion sparked deVere’s imagination, who writes for CH2 and other regional and national golf publications, often using humor to punch through the golf industry’s tendency to get, according to deVere, too technical. “People learn best with stories. Steve and Mitch Laurance are great story tellers.”

It was deVere’s friendship with Laurance that really threw the new site into high gear and, as deVere emphasizes, investor dollars. “Steve’s students have been nothing short of spectacular,” deVere said. “But the catalyst Steve and I required to really bump this up to the next level was Mitch Laurance. I’ve known Mitch for somewhere between 200 to 300 years. We have yet to identify the exact year, but I know I’m close. We have narrowed it down to his early Saturday Night Live stuff, his HBO Not Necessarily the News stuff or the Laverne & Shirley show Mitch directed,” deVere said. “All I really care about is that my two friends, Steve Anderson and Mitch Laurance, are on board with what we want golfers to understand. We want them to enjoy the game again.”

The new DVD, The Three Fundamentals, can also be streamed from the site. All video production was done by Timeline Productions (timelineprod.com), with Dave Lavery as producer. In recent years Lavery and his crew have become the first choice as producers for golf instruction videos by dozens of golf instruction sites.
Thanks to social media director Sara Fields, pieces of Anderson’s site and his Facebook page have gone viral.

For more information, visit mirrorimagegolfswing.com.

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