October 2012


Author: Frank Dunne, Jr. & Courtney Hampson | Photographer: Photography by Anne


Next month we go to the polls to decide the fate of the free world. A bit overly melodramatic? No. It’s not. This is the big one. You probably remember the incessant droning in 2008 that it was to be our most historic election. The drones were wrong as usual…well…except for the fact that the 2008 presidential election gave us the worst, most incompetent president in our history, but I don’t think that’s what those folks had in mind.

I’m voting for Mitt Romney. You’ve probably figured that out, and you probably think (incorrectly) that it’s because I’m a Republican. I’m not. As a matter of fact, the only thing I despise more than the Republican Party is the Democratic Party. I despise them because they do not put forth conservative opposition to the Democrats’ left-wing extremism as they are supposed to. I despise them because they’re the idiots who shove impotent candidates like Bob Dole and John McCain down our throats and then wonder why they couldn’t win campaigns against imbeciles like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

I figured Romney would be more of the same, and I might still be right about that; but I’m going to vote for him anyway because I believe in individualism, economic liberty and free enterprise, and I reject collectivism, economic dependence, and central control of the means of production. Obama takes the opposite view.
I’m voting for Romney because I know, as does anybody who’s interested in facts and truth, that a government cannot tax and spend a nation into prosperity. It has always failed throughout history, but Obama vows to continue down that path. I also know, as does anybody who’s interested in facts and truth, that endlessly printing currency leads to one place: economic collapse. It has always succeeded throughout history, and Obama has us on that path.

I’m voting for Romney because I believe that the United States of America is exceptional, both as a country and an idea, and does not need to apologize to anybody for her powerful position in the world. I also believe that the president of the United States bows to no man, unlike Obama who bows to leaders of other nations every chance he gets.

I’m voting for Romney because I know, as does anybody who’s interested in facts and truth, that national security depends on our ability to project power—peace through strength. I also know, as does anybody who’s interested in facts and truth, that projecting power does not include apologizing to Islamic extremist terrorists who attack our embassies, burn our flag, and murder our diplomats, as does Obama.

I’m voting for Romney even though I don’t know what kind of a president he is going to be or if he really shares all or any of my beliefs. So I’m going to count on the things that I do know. I know that his response to the terrorist attacks in the Middle East was appropriate, true, and presidential. Obama’s response was cowardly, humiliating, and pathetic. I know that he proposes an Obamacare repeal and to rein in Obama’s out-of-control spending plans, which are two of the most critical steps in reviving the economy and getting the millions of people whom Obama put out on the street back to work.

I’m not sure what kind of a president Mitt Romney’s going to be, but I’m voting for him anyway. I’m voting for him because I know exactly what kind of president Barack Obama is.


Sometimes, rather than conduct research, it is easier to attack a person instead of his or her ideas, policies, and beliefs, which is where I believe real debate occurs. Twice this week I have seen Frank refer to President Barack Obama as “Body Odor” in Facebook posts. I guess he is playing up the acronym thing this election season. I’m not surprised as I, too, was a recent victim of Frank’s name-calling. Just a few weeks ago he called me “clueless and pointless” on his Facebook page, which as you can imagine thrilled me to no end. I’m more than happy to debate the issues monthly, but I don’t need to be called names. You know what I mean?

So, I find it apropos that this month we’re back and debating the big one: Obama vs. Romney. Now things can really heat up. Except that I’m actually not a fan of politics for the sole reason that they almost always get dirty. Like Emily Post, I cringe when I hear talk of politics or religion popping up in casual conversation, or worse at the office or family dinner table.

Yet, every four years those of voting age are handed an enormous privilege and responsibility. We get to determine who will be our country’s commander in chief for the next four years. So, as I consider the options, I think about what things are important to me—our civil rights, equality, education, our military and veterans.
So, to that end, I’m pretty pleased with what President Obama has advocated for during his first term, and I didn’t learn any of this via Facebook. Check out usa.gov, Reuters, The New York Times, et al.

He advocated for and signed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which made it a federal crime to assault anyone based on his or her sexual orientation or gender identity. He demanded that the Pentagon enact a repeal of the discriminatory “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy that forced soldiers to lie in order to be eligible to fight for their country. He extended benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees. He changed HUD rules to prohibit gender and sexual orientation-based discrimination in housing, and to his credit and despite potential political fallout, he changed his mind and publicly expressed support for the right to enter into a same-sex marriage.

Everyone reading this that has a vagina will be happy to know that President Obama wrote and signed an executive order establishing a White House Council on Women and Girls to ensure that all Cabinet and cabinet-level agencies evaluate the effect of their policies and programs on women and families. He also expanded funding for the Violence Against Women Act. Thank you, sir.

If you are a member of the military or a veteran, or the mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, friend, classmate of a service member or veteran, you might be interested to know that it was President Obama and congressional Democrats who not only reauthorized families of fallen soldiers to be able to visit when the body arrives at Dover AFB, but also provided funding for it. He funded Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with an extra $1.4 billion to improve veterans’ services, provided active combat troops with better body armor, and created Joint Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record program for military personnel, in order to improve the quality of their medical care. President Obama also oversaw a $4.6 billion expansion of the Veterans Administration budget to pay for more mental health professionals.

If Whitney Houston was indeed correct, and the children are our future, you’ll be happy to know that through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, our country has invested heavily in elementary, secondary and post-secondary education, and put $5 billion into early education programs, including Head Start. The president oversaw expansion of the Pell Grants program, to expand opportunity for low-income students to go to college, and with his bride, passed the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, which will improve nutrition in schools and make children healthier (this should hit home as more than 50 percent of Beaufort County students receive free school lunches).

Now to be fair, here is what President Obama didn’t do.
He never strapped his dog to the roof of his car. He never drove 12 hours from Massachusetts to Ontario with his dog strapped to the roof of his car. He never had to pull over his car, while on a 12-hour road trip, to wash the dog excrement from his station wagon windows. He never made a dog so ill that he lost control of his bowels, while riding on the roof of his car at 65 miles an hour.

But, Mitt Romney did. And that tells me a lot about Mr. Romney’s character. He strapped a member of his family to the roof of his car. Imagine what he will do to you, a stranger.

I’m voting for Barack Obama. Let’s finish what he started.

P.S. One more thing on the name-calling, Frank: I’m not your “sweetie.”

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