November 2006

Meet Zach Deputy

Author: Craig Hysell

The Funky Sounds of Success

There’s a new funky bunch in town, and thankfully, these boys have nothing to do with Marky Mark. (Note: Marky Mark is the one-time rapper/now successful movie star named Mark Wahlberg. In the early ’90’s, Wahlberg fronted a band called The Funky Bunch, which isn’t worth remembering and explains why you don’t.)

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand for the past year (which is possible, since the beaches on this island are so lovely), you’ve probably already heard, or heard about, Zach Deputy and his entertaining tunes.

The music of locals, Zach Deputy and Paul Kearns, has evolved into a sound and show that is as much a positive spiritual experience as it is an amusement park of musical expression. By taking a cauldron full of funky soul, sprinkling in some gospel, peppering it with a hearty dash of reggae and stirring in all original tracks, you get the “recipe” for that unmistakable Zach Deputy “funk-titude.”

Starting out with two men, a guitar and a couple of drums, the show has grown into a monster of light, sound and good times. Zach’s performances have gone from bare stage to barring no expense to please his ever-growing audiences. With computer-generated light shows and movies, you might think the music would get lost. But, it is the indefatigable Deputy sound which always takes center stage. “We’re only two guys, but we sound like eight,” said Zach, via e-mail. He’s not lying.

As Zach lays down his beat box rhythms and guitar licks, Paul adds the subtle nuances that fill in the gaps. Before you realize it, an entire medley of sound is produced. Then Zach begins to sing, with a vocal range that is as varied as his musical style. With this much sound, it should be a band of eight. But it isn’t. And while that in itself makes each show incredible, no incredible show is ever the same—which keeps audiences coming back for more.

“I hope the audience leaves feeling happy—rejuvenated,” said Zach, adding that it’s the energy of his fans that gives him the energy to play. “Really, they [the fans] are just as much a part of the band as Paul and I are,” he continued. He thanks them all.

It seems that rejuvenation of the spirit is cyclical—and just one Zach Deputy rock show away. For more information, show schedules and merchandise, visit

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