September 2012

September 2012: Editor's Note

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Five years ago, after the success of the first Bachelor of the Year (BOTY) contest, our readers asked for a Bachelorette of the Year. Please note that I use the word “success” loosely. If we are talking about the fact that the annual contest has raised money for the Island Rec Center, then yes, it has been a success. If we are talking about it in terms of changing any of our winners’ lives for the better, well, let’s just say that would be a dubious statement. It may have gotten them more female attention for a bit, and who couldn’t use an extra 5K… But let’s just say that I’ve never received a thank-you letter for the honor that was bestowed upon them.

I digress. Upon hearing repeated requests for a Bachelorette of the Year, we said absolutely not. Never would we put ourselves in the precarious position of having a contest involving single women. The claws could come out. The egos would be unbearable. Can you imagine?

Guys are good sports. Guys don’t care if they win. They’ll just play along because some female friend roped them into it. Well, after having six BOTY contests, I can say this is mostly true. However, I can also say the following: Guys do care if they don’t win. (They may even call you names and tell you the contest is rigged.) Guys may enter a contest for single men even though they are married. And guys who are wanted by the police in some states may also think it’s a good idea to enter CH2’s BOTY contest.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that bad behavior is never limited to one gender. Why not give the girls a chance to shine? What’s the worst that could happen?

So this year, we are having a Bachelorette of the Year contest. We posted the notice on Facebook and, within two days, had 150 nominations. I guess the island is ready, and so are we. Nominate your single friends now through September 10 at

Never say never.

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