August 2012


Author: Special To C2 Magazine | Photographer: Mark Staff Photography

Hi, My name is Gregg Russell, but my friends call me GR. You may have seen me in** Harbour Town** or on a DVD from the backseat of an Ohio van. I grew up in the boring/**exciting** town of Birmingham, Alabama.

When I was five, my hero was Mickey Mantle, but now Charles Fraser is the person I most admire. It’s been 36 years since I first came to Hilton Head Island, and to me, the biggest change is that I now live in my house, not my van.

If someone were to ask me for advice about making a difference, I would tell them to host a family from our Hilton Head Heroes program. My line of work is entertainment and I chose this profession because I saw the Beatles on TV and just knew that I wanted to make music.

If I were mayor of HHI/Bluffton, my first order of business would be to encourage the development of a quaint “downtown Hilton Head”and a permanent outdoor concert venue.

My favorite time of the year on HHI/Bluffton, is spring because of the Heritage golf tournament, the blooming azaleas and I get to return to Harbour Town.

In closing, when you turn the page, I hope you remember that I’ve tried to be a good ambassador for the Sea Pines Resort and all of Hilton Head, but definitely not only as that guy under the tree who sings about finding a booger in your sugar. See ya!

  1. Over the years, we’ve enjoyed watching Gregg Russell and yes, we are from Ohio. Currently we live in Georgia which means we can get to Hilton Head in 4 1/2 hours with our grandkids for another generation to also enjoy The Gregg Russell Show. We have tons of pictures from the Bubblegum Cruise with the little ones. We would also love to see an outdoor concert venue and remember coming to Sea Pines to see the Four Tops perform about 5-7 years ago, I believe at the tennis courts in Sea Pines. Gregg you “are” the best ambassador for HHI. The “booger in your sugar” makes me cringe although the grandkids enjoy it and always laugh. Thanks for being there for us and all the memories!!!

    — Sonia Smith    Aug 1, 06:31 pm   

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