August 2012


Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: Photography by Anne

I was going to write about my transition from PC to Apple for my editor’s note, but when I arrived at work this morning, another topic demanded my attention, via all devices. As much as I try to be light-hearted and celebratory in these notes (in keeping with our name), sometimes it is difficult.

We have spent the better part of today awaiting more information on The Dark Night Rises shooting in Aurora, Colo. When something so tragic happens, it seems like the world stands still for a moment, while the media regurgitates the latest breaking piece of information. Regardless of how insignificant the new communication is, we all sit transfixed. A neighbor was interviewed, and reportedly the shooter “kept to himself and was creepy.”

You don’t say. A man who opens fire on hundreds of people in a movie theater was “creepy.”

As I ponder what could make someone act like this, I just keep going back to a person’s childhood. Is that where it all goes wrong? Does a child get bullied and picked on until one day (after graduating with a degree in neuroscience), he decides to buy a semi-automatic rifle and attack all those normal people and their kids watching the latest blockbuster movie?

Could we as a society prevent such things by paying more attention to the warning signs in children? By just being nicer to people we see as odd or different from ourselves? Or are people like this beyond help and need to be in a place where they can’t hurt others or themselves?

I don’t know the answers, but it’s on my mind today. My heart goes out to all of the victims and their families.

As with any tragedy that grips the nation, I guess the only thing we can take away with us is to appreciate the present and our loved ones, because who knows what could happen tomorrow?

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