July 2012


Author: David Gignilliat | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Near the back of Salon Artistry, past the immaculate waiting area and its floral-print chairs and modern artwork, past the elegant product displays and a to the right of a gleaming row of cleansing backwash systems and processing space, there is a beige-and-black rectangular framed sign with distinctive script that catches the eye: Imagine Your Dream. Create Your Happiness.

For Tracee Spencer, owner of the new Salon Artistry on Hilton Head Island’s north end, the sign represents more than just a throwaway platitude or useful wall decor. These are words that she actually lives by.

“It’s kind of my mantra,” said Spencer, who recently opened Salon Artistry after nearly a decade in the island’s thriving beauty industry. “This [salon] is the best decision I have ever made in my life. I couldn’t be more comfortable in my environment or happier. This isn’t just a business for me. It’s truly a dream come true.”

Circumstances in Spencer’s personal and professional life seemed to align earlier this year, pointing her in a new direction. After consulting with colleagues, friends and loved ones, she sensed the time was right to follow her dream.

“It was a long mental journey for me to get here, but everything else happened so quickly,” said Spencer, who got married last November and whose parents live on the island.

The name Salon Artistry came quickly (“Hair is an artistic profession; it’s your creativity,” Spencer said.) So did the team—a trio of award-winning colleagues (Mindi Cadman, Holly Martin and Kim Harrison) with whom she worked previously at a nearby salon.

“The team we have is small; it’s only four people, but it’s the best group I’ve ever worked with,” Spencer said. “The four of us just have an amazing rapport with each other.”

After finding the space, almost by accident, Spencer acted decisively. She signed the lease on March 1, and after six weeks of construction (her husband, Larenzo, installed the wood flooring) and a mother-daughter decorating spree, Salon Artistry
officially opened for business at its Main Street location on May 2.

“I didn’t let anybody in here. After the floor was done, nobody was let in here except my parents and the contractors—none of the girls, no clients. I wanted it to be a surprise,” Spencer said.

The attention to detail is evident. The rooms are open and spacious, equal parts elegance and whimsy. Rooms are dedicated rooms to specialty services (nails, skin care, etc.), and every element seems to have been thoughtfully anticipated—right down to a posh chandelier in the washroom. Clients tend to stay a while, often for multiple services, so the space had to be relaxing, Spencer explained. “I wanted it to be a great experience—not just coming in to get your hair cut or colored, but fun and relaxing. We really just try to make this as comfortable of an environment as we can. And we’ve have had amazing feedback from clients so far.”

According to Spencer, the salon feels like home. “I was essentially creating a second home, and when somebody comes to my home, everything has to be just so,” she said. “I felt very strongly about it being that way, and I am very proud of it.”

Salon Artistry, located at 4101 Main Street, Suite B, off of Highway 278, offers comprehensive hair services and, coming soon, skin and nail services. To schedule an appointment, please call (843) 842-4247 or visit the salon’s new website at salonartistryhiltonhead.com. You can also find the on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SalonArtistry

The Women of Salon Artistry

Tracee Spencer

Mindi Cadman

Holly Martin

Kim Harrison

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