July 2012

Letters to Editor-july 2012

Author: Special To C2 Magazine

This is Pam from Palmetto Bay Sunrise Cafe. First of all, thank you for the great article about Sunrise. We had really great response…everyone loved it! I have a story for you that I thought you all might enjoy. Melissa, our adorable server (she is in the green shirt in our article) has known for a few months that her boyfriend was going to propose. He had asked ring size and they had talked about their future etc.
When your latest issue came out I saw it and we spent our spare time looking over it, gazing at the beautiful rings and articles. She and I are always talking wedding stuff. I did not find out until Wednesday that he was going to propose to her on Friday (Shane had this whole HUGE SURPRISE proposal planned). Her cousin, Stacey (who also works with us) told me that when Heritage Jewelers was selecting rings for the article they asked Shane if they could use Melissa’s ring (that he designed) for the article. So, the ring that we have been talking about was actually hers!!
So, last Friday in a romantic proposal (at Palmetto Bluff by the water), they returned to the house where his family was vacationing. There was Melissa’s family (and his) all reading your magazine!! That is when she found out that the ring in the article was hers! I just think it is a great story and I thought you all would want to share in the joy. There are a few more details like he walked in the room one day and she was reading the magazine and a few more but I am trying to keep it short. Melissa Foy and Shane Allison are going to marry in February or early March 2013!
Come see us soon!!
Love, Pam

Hello Maggie,
I am the mother of Anna DeGrauw (cover model of June 2012). I would like to thank you for the wonderful opportunity you have provided to have Anna be your “cover girl”. We are very excited to have her on the cover of such a nice magazine.
I was hoping you would be able to send me the digital image of the cover, so we could use it for her electronic portfolio. I believe Krisztian Lonyai was also trying to get us some paper copies to have for sentimental reasons, share with the grandparents, use as tear sheets, etc.
Thank you again for such a wonderful experience,
Erin DeGrauw

I believe that Courtney Hampson owes all of the residents at Sun City Hilton Head an apology.
My husband and I have lived here in Sun City for over sixteen years and have never known of any behavior such as Ms.Hampson wrote about. The article was degrading and vicious, based on information from “sources”.
She insinuated that we “tarnish” this area. The residents in this Community have generously contributed their time, talent and financial support to Bluffton, Hardeeville and Hilton Head. We have supplied hundreds of volunteer hours to numerous groups. We do not deserve this smear.
Katie and Jim Ryan

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