July 2012

Editor's Note: My Fictitious HHI Vacation

Author: Maggie Washo

For a few years now, in the July issue of CH2 & CB2, we have included a Top 10 list of things to do here. We realize that many of our readers this month are “just visiting,” so we do this in an effort to highlight different activities we might enjoy should we be vacationing on Hilton Head Island.

This sort of got me thinking about what I would do here if I were on vacation. I have not, since I moved here 20 years ago, ever had a “staycation” on Hilton Head Island. Maybe it’s time. So here is my Top 10 List for Maggie’s Fictitious HHI Vacation:

1. First of all, I would rent a house on the beach so I could bring my dog Lucy on vacation with me. Every evening would end with a stroll in the sand and wine on the back porch.

2. The rest of the tourists can have the grocery store on Saturday afternoon; I’m eating out every night. My first order of business would be asking several locals what their favorite restaurant is—on the water preferred.

3. Chartering a fishing tour would be my next order of business. I want to catch a big fish while I’m here.

4. I would pay the $5 to go see Harbour Town and listen to Gregg Russell under the Liberty Oak. And I wouldn’t even complain about it.

5. Fireworks on Tuesday night at Shelter Cove Marina? I’m there. Afterward, I’m going to the Black Marlin in Palmetto Bay Marina and taking a cab back to my beach house.

6. If I was feeling particularly brave I might go Zip-lining…or take a tour of the many traffic circles in the area. I hear there’s even a new one in Bluffton!

7. Beach, beach and more beach. Frozen cocktail at the Tiki Hut, and then back to the beach.

8. I’m going to see Batman on opening night, so I hope they have some movie theaters here.

9. I would get a pedicure, and a massage. Maybe even a facial. If I have any energy left, I’m going shopping for the rest of the day.

10. Book my beach house for next year.

  1. Zip-Lining?

    — Scott Snider    Jul 10, 02:21 pm   

  2. I would recomend going to the Skull Creek Boathouse for dinner!

    — Lucy    Jul 12, 02:22 pm   

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