June 2012

JUNE 2012: Letters To The Editor

Author: Special To C2 Magazine

A Line in the Sand: Should English be the OFFICIAL language of the USA?

I think there is a much more basic reason to make English the “official” language. There has to be a line in the sand with regard to the language that we teach in public schools, the language that we use on the street signs and billboards and highways, in phone books, in the library and so on and so on. Otherwise, if we try to include the language of EVERY culture, there would be no consistent way to teach our children how to read, write and communicate. We aren’t even doing the job in English all that well, it seems to me. As it is, we spend millions trying to duplicate everything in Spanish… what language do we try to accommodate next? Chinese? Russian? Greek?

Suzi Huisman


To the Editor:
Tidewater Hospice thanks the Bluffton High National Honor Society students who volunteered their time and talents to create beautiful floral bouquets which they then presented to our Tidewater Hospice patients on Valentine’s Day. The caring compassion and spirit of community involvement shown by these gifted students is truly exemplary and warmed the hearts of our hospice patients and agency caregivers.

We also wish to thank the Bluffton Publix Supermarket, the Hilton Head Fresh Market and Old Bluffton Flowers and Gifts for their donations of flowers and materials used in creating the bouquets. The kindness and generosity of these local merchants helped to make this special Valentine celebration possible.

Susan Saxon
Administrator, Tidewater Hospice


To CH2,
What an extraordinary collection of gifts you have provided Trish and me!
It has been a delight visiting all the shops and restaurants in The Village at
Wexford – almost all known to us through shopping there throughout the years. In several instances it was like visiting family (the ones you still like). We’ve been made to feel most welcome; owners and their employees alike all showed genuine excitement for us – often matching our own.

We must point out that the gifts were very generous which carried more impact knowing what tough times every business has been through this past couple of years. Thank you.

We hope, through the attention gained resulting from the contest and magazine coverage, that the family of shops at The Village at Wexford and CH2 magazine gain much in positive reputation and additional traffic. We can tell from the dozens of congratulatory calls and emails that the community has noticed.

Wexford has always been a center for variety in services, in goods and in good food throughout its history. It has shown it can not only survive but signs are there that it is beginning to thrive once again. Good fortune to all who participated!

We give a heart-felt thank you to each and every one of the shop owners, CH2 (especially Maggie Washo), photographer Anne Caufmann and Diana Bourgeois at Magic Marketing.

Trish and Larry Heichel.

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