June 2012

Golf Etc., Hilton Head's Game-Changer

Author: Kitty Bartell

As a rule, golfers have one arm that measures longer than the other. Now, I know a good deal about golf, but I did not know this interesting fact—until I met Chris Wycoff, owner of Hilton Head Island’s newest performance club fitting shop, Golf Etc. Right away you get the feeling you’re going to learn things you never imagined about your equipment and your swing. Noting the length of each arm is only one of myriad measurements and inquiries that happens well before the staff at Golf Etc. makes any recommendations as to which golf clubs will best suite your game. Wycoff, along with his wife and business partner Michelle, has brought this franchise’s Better Golf Faster™ club-fitting system to the Lowcountry.

Chris is the passionate golfer of the duo while Michelle focuses her efforts on the marketing and merchandising for the shop. “We saw a gap in the number of qualified club-fitting specialists in the area in relation to the number of golfers,” Wycoff said. Compared to lessons from a club professional, the Better Golf Faster system offers a scientific approach to improve your golf game quickly, he explained.

The Better Golf Faster club fitting system combines swing analysis with equipment technology, having the ability to build a profile unique to each individual for every club in his or her bag. Once a performance fitting is completed, it is good for life. The client may return at any time for reanalysis, adjustments, and refitting. “The system uses data to analyze ball flight, allowing us to find the right shaft that will improve control, consistency, distance, and ball flight. Many times, existing club heads are just fine and all that is needed is a different shaft to get better. This is an economical alternative to purchasing all new clubs,” Wycoff said.

All the custom-fitted clubs are built right at Golf Etc. In an eye-opening demonstration, Wycoff illustrated the critical detail of shaft spine alignment to a client in the process of his own analysis. The client quickly learned that without shaft spine alignment, he was always going to have difficulty getting his clubface back to square at impact. Golf equipment is always changing, often improving, and infinitely complicated. “We take great pride in how we build our clubs. In addition to building the right length, loft, and lie, we spine align and frequency match all of the clubs that come out of our Mitchell-certified shop,” Wycoff said.

Golf Etc. has a modern clubby feel, with plenty of space to show off its state-of-the-art advanced performance fitting center, while giving customers a premium assortment of apparel, shoes, and accessories, featuring the Puma, Travis Matthew, Nike, and Arnie lines. Additionally, they offer a premium assortment of off-the-rack clubs at the lowest prices manufacturers will allow.

Golf Etc. has a fresh feel when it comes to its merchandise and a truly electric excitement when it comes to having something new to share that could literally be a game-changer for any golfer.

Golf Etc is located at 11 Palmetto Bay Road, Suite 106B, Hilton Head Island. For more information, call (843) 341-7000 or visit golfetchhi.com.

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