May 2012

Advanced Women's Care - Pregnancy is both miraculous and terrifying at the same time-especially the first pregnancy.

Author: Mary Frances Lowrey | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Every flutter is questioned, celebrated and analyzed by the expectant mother. “Is this normal? Should I feel this way?” are thoughts that crowd her mind, especially in the first trimester. She has probably seen countless episodes of A Birthing Story on the Discovery Channel, and she has read hours of materials about pregnancy on the Internet. (There is even a site that allows you to put in the baby’s due date and you can monitor daily the changes that are occurring within your womb, e.g. today your baby has fingernails).

Sitting down with Dr. Tracy Blusewicz and Dr. Katherine Coley, we discuss the obstetrics side of their practice Advanced Women’s Care. Blusewicz and Coley are both young mothers as well as physicians. In fact, Coley’s 14-month-old son crawled around on the floor and entertained us while we chatted about pregnancy, delivery, motherhood and all things obstetrics at their new office location at 8 Hospital Center Blvd., Suite 150, Hilton Head Island.

C2: What is your best advice for first time pregnant mothers?
Blusewicz: Stay fit and eat healthy. Eating for two is not what you should really do. Actually, you should only increase your caloric intake by 300 daily calories. By staying fit and continuing to exercise during your pregnancy, it will be easier to lose the baby weight after the pregnancy as well. If you are a runner, then there should be no reason why you cannot continue to run unless you are advised not to by your physician. You may want to slow down the intensity of your workouts, but there is usually little reason to stop all together.

C2: What do you find has changed the most in obstetrics since you first started practicing?
Coley: Mothers are more aware of options of what they want for their delivery, and the medical technology has improved. For instance, ultrasound technology is much more advanced than in the past, which leads us to a greater knowledge. We can detect things much earlier and set in motion the protocol for ensuring a healthy mother and a healthy baby. Along with technology, prenatal vitamins and medicines have improved—medicines like 17 OHP, a shot used to keep women who have a history of preterm labor pregnant longer into their next pregnancy. Every advancement in medicine and technology is something we strive to stay on top of and provide to our patients.

(left to right)
Dr. Katherine Coley and Dr. Tracy Blusewicz

C2: How are you not your mothers’ OB/GYN?
Coley: Well, for starters we are women! Our moms and grandmothers typically had male doctors. As females ourselves, we understand what it means to be a woman; we, like our OB patients, have been pregnant, have delivered our own children; and like many of our patients, we are also working mothers. We understand what it means to balance or try to balance work, motherhood and family life. We understand the stresses that women endure today.
Blusewicz: Another way we are not our moms’ OB/GYNs is that today we are required to keep current with continuing education classes and seminars to keep abreast of the advancements in medicine. This knowledge prepares us to provide the very best care to our patients. We are current in what is available, and we can provide the latest tests to ensure your baby’s best health.

C2: What brought you two to the Hilton Head area to practice?
Blusewicz: Hilton Head is family-friendly. It is a great place to raise your family, and Hilton Head Medical Center is a great place to practice obstetrics. Patients tend to have one-on-one nursing when delivering at Hilton Head Medical Center. It is small and personal. We both have had our own children born at Hilton Head Medical Center. I even delivered Katherine’s son. It is a great place to practice medicine.

C2: Both of you have delivered thousands of babies. Being May/Mother’s Day month, can you share a favorite delivery story?
(Both doctors look at each other and kind of moan with this question. How can you pick a favorite?)
Blusewicz: They are all good. They are all special. They are all different. Every delivery is a blessing.

C2: Isn’t there one that stands out?
Blusewicz: I remember the baby that was born and we set up Skype so the father who was serving in the military overseas could be present for the birth. That was very special.

C2: Was that on Hilton Head?
Blusewicz: Yes. But my favorite delivery story—well, those would be my own.
Coley: Yes, those deliveries would be my favorite, too.

Katherine Coley, M.D. and Tracy Blusewicz, M.D. specialize in obstetrics, gynecology and infertility. Their practice, Advanced Women’s Care offers full-time Bluffton and Hilton Head Island offices. The practice accepts Multi-Plan & PHCS and will file to all major insurance plans. For more information, visit or call (843) 341-3996.

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