April 2012

Perfect Presents -Gifted Hilton Head Adds The ‘Wow’ To Every Occasion

Author: Debbie Szpanka | Photographer: John Brackett

If you are looking for treasure on the island, you’ll find a trove of gems, gadgets and gifts at Gifted Hilton Head—a fun, whimsical place where you can gift yourself or someone else with the latest sassy, sophisticated, or simply perfect gift for any celebration.

“I love when I hear a customer in the store say this is the third time this week I have been here,” said Meredith Taylor, owner of Gifted Hilton Head. “I also smile to myself when people say they discover something new every time they come into the shop, because that’s the way I designed it.”

Nestled in the Village at Wexford, Gifted Hilton Head opened its doors last July. Taylor, a Pittsburgh native, said she was ecstatic about expanding to the Lowcountry, as she has owned two successful stores in the Pittsburgh area since 1985.
“Obviously the resort market is slightly different from my suburban Pittsburgh stores; however, the mission is the same,” Taylor said. “I want people to find great gifts for themselves or others and feel like wow, look what I just got!”

Platters, Pottery and Products That Pamper
You may not know all the brand names of the trendy household products when you walk in the door, but something will catch your attention and your heart. You may even be more captivated with the products as you learn the stories behind them
The featured linen products of Gifted Hilton Head include hand towels, cloth coasters, scarves, napkins, runners and down-filled pillows made by Hilton Head Island resident Millie Burke. Burke’s company, Lowcountry Linens, hand-screens all the linens here on the island and features Lowcountry symbols on each product. Gifted is the exclusive island retailer of Burke’s linen creations.

If you are looking for a classic gift but don’t want the look of your grandma’s crystal, check out Simon Pearce, another exclusive to Gifted Hilton Head. The handmade and hand-blown glass bowls, vases and more have subtle curves and natural shapes which look at home in all styles of interior décor, from traditional to contemporary.
“I really try to pick trendy yet classic items,” Taylor said. “I am always looking for fun and functional products. Most everything I carry is wearable or usable, and that’s important, because then the gift will be used and appreciated for a long time.”One product line that is receiving a lot of spontaneous outbursts of “What a great idea!” is the Nora Fleming platter collection. You buy a customizable platter of various sizes and then, for under $12, you can accessorize it with “minis.” The minis are décor items for every holiday or occasion, and they slide into a hole in the platter. This creative idea is a cost and space saver for entertainers, as one dish and several minis can accessorize your table for every occasion.

Another popular item for foodies is the Corkcicle. This wine stopper elongates into an icicle. Freeze it and use for a dinner party; the Corkcicle will chill white wines and bring red wines to an appropriate drinking temperature. This Corkcicle eliminates the need for ice buckets or ice cubes and makes a perfect hostess gift.

Bling Without Breaking The Bank
Like a proud mother, Taylor is particularly pleased that her jewelry lines are appealing to area customers. “What makes my store different is that you can buy nice jewelry of good quality and not break the bank,” she said. “My goal is for my customers to be able to add some sparkle to their jewelry collection at price points that appeal to many.”

One line doing very well at Gifted Hilton Head is Mariana jewelry. Mariana, made from Swarovski crystals, is casual bling for every day. A favorite Mariana item is the guardian angel necklace—a perfect present for someone who is ill, stressed, or has lost her job, or for a beloved friend or family member. The sparkling necklace has an angel pendant on the back, which is a reminder to the wearer that she has love and support all around her.

Another jewelry line loaded with sentiment is “Story,” by Kranz and Ziegler. This new line of wrapped leather bracelets lets you add charms to the bracelet that tell the story of your life. Taylor said this line is exploding in Europe right now and just came to the United States this fall.

In addition to jewelry, Taylor is adding new fashionable accessory lines to the store such as tote bags made by Not For Navigation and other bags for every occasion (e.g. wine bag, tennis bag, lunch totes, coolers, etc.) by Buckhead Betties and Scout by Bungalow. Taylor said she is excited to have such “kicky” colors and patterns to sell in addition to her more traditional Vera Bradley collection.
Staying true to the nature of the Lowcountry, Gifted Hilton Head also has an extensive collection of coastal-themed gifts, including custom plates, coasters, wine bags and ornaments.

Tying Up the Gifting Experience
Even more important than all the fun, fabulous items is the welcome feeling when you walk in the door. The store prides itself on its exceptional, friendly customer service and helping you discover a gift that would make you or someone else very happy.

To wrap up the experience, Gifted Hilton Head offers free gift wrapping so you present your gift with gorgeous paper and a two-tier bow.
“I want my store to be the complete package so when you gift yourself or a friend with something from Gifted Hilton Head you say, ‘Wow. That’s perfect.’”

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