April 2012

April Hello My Name is Sir Willie Innes: The Spirt of RBC Heritage

Author:  | Photographer: Mark Staff

My name is Sir William Innes, but my friends call me Willie or Sir Willie. You may have seen me around Hilton Head Island, Harbour Town Golf Links or on something called Twitter and Facebook. I grew up in the boring/ exciting town of Highlands of Scotland. When I was five, my hero was Old Tom Morris, but now the winner of the Heritage is the person I most admire. It’s been three years since I first came to Hilton Head Island, and to me, the biggest change is all of this great new technology the islanders use. Even I’m now tweetin’ and facebookin’. If someone were to ask me for advice about golf, I would tell them plaid improves any game, and the only game to see is the RBC Heritage. My line of work is being the essence and spirit of the RBC Heritage and I chose this profession because it’s in my bones, which I’m pretty sure are plaid too. If I were mayor of HHI /Bluffton, my first order of business would be to proclaim the week after the Masters Heritage week, and there would be a tournament every year. My favorite time of the year on HHI /Bluffton, is April because it’s a plaid holiday and the RBC Heritage presented by Boeing is held. In closing, when you turn the page, I hope you remember to Get Your Plaid On! After all, plaid goes with anything.

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