April 2012

April 2012: Editor's Note - My Editor's Note Has Attention Deficit Disorder

Author: Maggie | Photographer: Photography by Anne

I cannot for the life of me think about ONE THING to write about this month. It’s like I have dozens of little half-thoughts in my brain, but none of them warrant 300 words. I think I have Spring fever.

Here’s what an Editor’s Note that has ADD looks like.

I just read this article about how working more than forty hours a week is useless, because after that, you become unproductive. How many hours do I work a week? Am I being unproductive now? Maybe the woman that wrote that article was just lazy.

I saw a large black snake crush a baby mouse and eat him while I talked to a client on the phone on Monday. If I hadn’t been on the phone I would have run outside to save that poor mouse. Now I think about it every time I look out my office window.

Forgot to order my RBC Heritage tickets from Angela. I need to do that now. What am I going to wear to the Heritage this year? Oh yeah, plaid.

Photo shoot tonight with 20 babies and toddlers and their moms. I wonder how many people will fit into Anne’s studio. Where is everyone going to park? I should bring wine. I’m going to need it.

My friend Anthony is always giving me a hard time about never talking about him in my Editor’s Note. I love him and all, but it doesn’t warrant a whole Editor’s Note. Hi Anthony.

I hope Wing Fest doesn’t get rained out tomorrow. It’s not looking good – better check the weather-again.

A lot of shake-up in the NFL this week; Tebow to the Jets, Peyton to the Broncos – the Saints aren’t so saintly after all. I can’t wait ‘til football starts again.

Mad Men starts Sunday! I wish Don Draper worked in this office.

Rick Santorum is gaining momentum. I wonder if Vegas has odds on who will win the GOP nomination.

Should I watch The Hunger Games this weekend or read the book first? The movie always disappoints if you read the book first. Better to do it the other way around.

If I snuck out my office window, I wonder how long it would take before someone noticed…

Better not. That snake might get me.

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