March 2012

March 2012: Mayors Drew Laughlin and Lisa Sulka

Author: Drew Laughlin and Lisa Sulka | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Mayor: Drew Laughlin – Hilton Head Island


It’s not as if the tournament went anywhere, but given the fact it nearly slipped from our hands, I feel that we need to treat this event as though it’s been away from home. So let’s welcome it back under the new banner of the RBC Heritage (April 9-15). While the island will be hosting this tournament for the 44th time, it’s RBC’s first. The tournament is also being sponsored by Boeing, and it’s their first experience with us as well.

RBC and Boeing will be bringing employees and clients to the tournament, and we always have new visitors. If you watched the Super Bowl this year, along with 11.3 million others, you heard the announcers talk about how friendly the people of Indianapolis were to visitors during Super Bowl week. Millions of people heard about what a great and friendly city Indianapolis is. Just imagine how much the hospitality of Indianapolis residents and the business community meant to the reputation and desirability of the city.

We are blessed with tournament officials, volunteers, businesses and residents who know the value of hospitality. We’ve shown it for 44 years. The RBC Heritage will be televised on the Golf Channel for four days and CBS over the weekend. Additionally, Fox Sports Affiliates will carry the tournament to Australia, Pan-Asia, France, Spain, South Africa, Germany, Mexico, Venezuela, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea. BSKYB and CNBC Europe will carry the tournament to more than 60 million potential households throughout the UK and Europe. So let’s show our friends at RBC and Boeing, visitors and viewers that we can host a great PGA tournament and throw a party worthy of their commitment to us.

While we enjoy the benefits of domestic and worldwide coverage, let’s talk about the tournament’s benefits that hit closer to home. More than $22 million has been distributed to those in need since 1987. Last year, for example, $1.25 million was distributed to charitable organizations, the arts, medical institutions, and for college scholarships.

The Heritage Classic Foundation, RBC, Boeing, and the Town of Hilton Head Island have committed to this event for the next five years. Let’s open our island home to RBC, Boeing, and visitors as though they’ve been away and show the world we’re a community that welcomes all. Buy tickets by calling (843) 671-2448 or visiting

Mayor: Lisa Sulka – Bluffton


The Municipal Association of South Carolina represents and serves the state’s 269 incorporated municipalities. It was formed in 1939 to offer the services, programs and tools that will give municipal officials the knowledge, experience and tools for enabling the most efficient and effective operation of their municipalities in the complex world of municipal government.

This association provides staff support for 11 affiliated associations through which its goal of providing training opportunities to municipal employees is achieved. The following affiliations are a few examples that are applicable to our town:

The Association of South Carolina Mayors provides opportunities for South Carolina mayors to engage in advocating for issues that affect our town, to network, share ideas and best practices with other mayors, and to take part in educational activities. I am fortunate to have been elected to the board of this association and will continue to bring the issues of our town to the forefront.

The Municipal Court Administration Association focuses on fostering/developing interest in sound court administration, encouraging the most advanced technologies in the field of court administration, disseminating information and exchanging ideas among its members. The association offers training and access to a listserve to court administrators, clerks of court, municipal judges, and other city or town employees involved in court administration.

The SC Municipal Finance Officers, Clerks & Treasurers Association offers training programs throughout the year covering the wide range of responsibilities of finance officers, clerks and treasurers. MFOCTA offers a listserve to its members and co-sponsor of the Municipal Clerks and Treasurers Institute.

The Municipal Technology Association of SC promotes the effective use of information technology by municipalities. The affiliate offers members access to a listserve and training on how to provide better services and achieve greater efficiencies using the latest technological innovations for municipal government.

The SC Association of Stormwater Managers offers a listserve and training sessions about stormwater management policies and best practices. It also provides members a forum for sharing ideas and keeping current on state and federal laws

The SC Community Development Association provides a forum for learning about the community development process. Its members include municipal, county, regional and state community development professionals, employees of private companies with an interest in community development, elected officials and volunteers.

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