March 2012

And The Winner of the Village At Wexford's "BEST OF EVERYTHING" Contest is LARRY HEICHEL!

Author: Special To C2 Magazine | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Congratulations to Larry, who was nominated by his wife Trish for being the best listener. She wrote this in her online entry, “My husband, Larry, is the BEST LISTENER! This means that he is so very compassionate and understanding. He never interrupts, never interjects his thoughts until you are completely finished with your thought or story. He TRULY deserves this award!”

Hundreds of entries were submitted in our February contest to win over $4500 worth of prizes and gift certificates from the merchants at the Village at Wexford. The applicants were asked to nominate themselves or someone they know for being the “BEST” at something. There could only be one winner (which was chosen at random on February 16), but we had so many fun entries, we decided to share some with our readers. Here are a few of our favorites:

From Brad S:
I am NOT the best at anything… I’m not the biggest, the fastest, the strongest, the smartest, the richest, the best looking, the funniest, or the most talented. I’m not a great singer, dancer, performer, actor, musician, or athlete. I’ve never performed some great feat worthy of a Guinness World record or even a write-up in my local paper. But every day I wake up and I try to be the best ME I can possibly be… and at the end of the day, hopefully that is good enough!

From Franny G:
Clare Senior, operations manager for the Hilton Head Humane Association is the very best at saving animals on a day to day basis that require intensive medical care. She is afraid of nothing and puts all that she has into making them better! She is a gift to our organization and a miracle worker for the animals in need!

From Clark F:
Annoying my girlfriend’s boss…

From Karen:
I thought about this one for a while, and my answer was going to be painting, since I do it professionally. But this afternoon, my 11 year old daughter said to me, “I love being with you because you let me be me and I know I can tell you anything.”. That’s when I knew that what I am best at is being a mom.

From Amy U:
When it comes to planning family vacations, I have to admit to being the absolute BEST. I have taken my family from Baltimore, MD to the most wonderful towns, Hilton Head being among them. Luckily for my family, I have a knack for planning the best of everything. Whether it is hotels, restaurants, spas, or shopping, my family travels in style. That explains how I found the Village at Wexford. It is testament to what I am the best at…

From Jennie C:
I’m best at taking care of my husband, who has MS, and taking women who can’t get out on their own shopping and out to lunch. I take them to Patricia’s and to Porcupine!

From Sheri:
I am entering my daughter Abi Fidler. The list is long of what she is best at. Beauty with brains is the most concise description. She is the national award winning Tech Director for the Low Country Boys & Girls Club. She knows sports, can use a nail gun with knowledge and dance – ballet & jazz.

From Joel:
I am the best at parallel parking. Whenever I come up to a tight space in my car, I can instantly tell, within an inch, if it is possible for me to parallel park my car there. My wife of 41 years always says that there is no way that we can fit in, but I pull it off every time as though I was taking my driver’s test at age 16 again. I am the best in the country at parallel parking, for sure.

From Vicki:
I am the best at waiting until the last minute. Even this entry didn’t make it in until February 15.

From Erin S:
I think I am (or at least strive to be) the best mom to my 4 year old son and wife to my husband of almost 8 years!

From Miles:
Sabrina is the best girlfriend. She’s sweet, thoughtful, loving and giving. She’s not a bad cook either!

From Kelly S:
My Friend Morgan Hodsdon deserves to win this prize. She is one of the sweetest people I know. She is a hard worker, a new mom and trying to juggle it all, never complains, and doesn’t take enough time for herself.

From Janet G:
I would like to suggest my friend, David Harter, as being the best at quietly working on his passion of protection of our salt water estuaries and the environment of the Low Country. He has, for many years, donated his time, talent, knowledge and monies to “save our waters.” His work on various committees both locally and at the state level have contributed much to the preservation of our most valuable asset in Beaufort County – our water. Without these efforts our ability to enjoy the bounty from the sea, to play in and on the water, would be for naught. Thank you.

From Janet P:
Our son, Chas, is the best at serving his country. At the age of 10, on the day that none of us will ever forget, September 11,2001, we got a call from our neighbor. Chas was marching up and down our street holding an American flag twice his size and wearing his grandfather’s military helmet. Today, 11 years later, with that day still fresh in his mind, he is an infantry soldier with the Army National Guard. His unit has been deployed for service to their country. Respectfully submitted by his mother.

From Lisa T:
I am the best at being the last one at work every day! Don’t ever have enough time to get it all done. My husband is the best a making me a cup of coffee every morning to wake me up for that long Day!

From Pat:
My late mum used to say my house was the “home for wayward anything”- friends in need, bedraggled stray animals, anything or anyone that needed a place to “plop” as she would say! My ears and heart have always been open to many…some would call the unwanted, or those not so easy to love. I put myself in their place and know how important my compassion and talent for listening and empathizing really is. I’m not bragging… I’m just very thankful that our Lord has given this gift to me. (I wish my mum was still here so she could have written this and not I!)

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