March 2012

March 2012: From The Editor - You Have To Play To Win!

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Last week, while doing my daily perusal of Facebook and peering into the goings on in other people’s lives, I happened upon a super long post by one of my dearest friends, Lindsey Hawkins. In it, she described what she called hitting “an all-time low.” Having recently returned to an empty house after a long weekend’s worth of fun family time over the Thanksgiving holiday, she was more than a little bit depressed. So, in the epitome of a self-pity party, she proceeded to eat junk food, drink wine and perhaps because of that wine, decided to get on the computer and enter contests. Lots and lots of contests. Hours (and hundreds of contests) later, she called her friend Stephanie Melvin to confess her ridiculousness and promised to share anything she won with her.

Guess what? She won. She won a trip for two to New York City to tour Vogue magazine’s headquarters. Lindsey (and Stephanie) will lunch with the staff at Vogue and be interviewed and photographed for a future issue. And the fun doesn’t end there. They will also be whisked off to Coach where they will be required to spend $2,500 on a delightful new bag, wallet, or maybe even a few pairs of shoes.

Well, that really got me thinking. Someone is going to win every contest out there. And if no one enters, your chances are even better. So last weekend, I followed in Lindsey’s footsteps and entered a few contests. Next month at this time, I may be driving around in a Ford F150 (or a Jeep Cherokee), right after my trip to Tuscany, St. Vincent’s, Orlando, California Wine Country or Las Vegas. If I’m really lucky, I’ll win the Seven-Day Blake Shelton Cruise out of Miami or the trip to Graceland during Elvis Week. Did I mention I don’t even like country music?

In other news, congratulations to Larry Heichel who won our Village at Wexford Best of Everything contest in last month’s issue. His wife, Trish, nominated him for being the best listener, and as a result, they will be spending some time in the Village at Wexford picking out over $4,500 worth of prizes.

I repeat. You can’t win if you don’t play.

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