February 2012

February 2012: Hello My Name is...Chef Sallie Ann Robinson - Gullah Diva

Author: Chef Sallie Ann Robinson | Photographer: Mark Staff

My name is Sallie Ann Robinson, but my friends call me Gullah Diva. You may have seen me on TV or in many magazine. I grew up in the exciting town of Daufuskie Island.

When I was five, my hero was Mom and Pop, but now myself is who I look up to. It’s been a few days since I came to Hilton Head Island, and to me, the biggest change is folks never know what lane to drive in.

If someone were to ask me for advice about cooking, I would tell them to go organic. My line of work is caring and feeding folks and I chose this profession because you need care and you gotta eat.

If I were mayor of Hilton Head Island, my first order of business would be to have a day that everyone goes fishing and crabbing.

My favorite time of the year on Hilton Head Island is year round because the weather is always great.

In closing, when you turn the page, I hope you remember that you are love, and when it is all said and done be kind don’t rewind.

  1. After purchasing her book and sharing it with members of my family, they recalled living in Savannah, GA and visiting Dafuskie as youngsters. Ms. Robinson is a gift from God because she shows love and a passion for for what she does! Hilton Head, you are blessed!

    — soon2bdocta    Feb 17, 07:31 pm   

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