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February 2012: Letters to the Editor...

Author: Special To C2 Magazine

The great debate over Tim Tebow is a sad statement of the world we live in. After all his critics believe in ad nauseum “political correctness”, free thinking, anything goes kind of policy EXCEPT for Christian belief. The tired rhetoric that Ms Courtney uses about disbelief or doubt of God has been the banner of all before her…”if God exists why would he allow anything bad in this world?”.

Aside from the ridiculous notion- that the creation should understand the creator fully, please, Ms Courtney and all of your ilk note:


While it may not answer all questions about suffering in the world, it certainly accounts for most of them. People “exercising” their free will have certainly brought much suffering on others. Remove war, crime and “self entitlement” i.e. selfishness and I’m sure you would agree, the world would be a much better place. Are these God’s will? I think not. Does he allow it? Obviously, but why? This is where Ms Courtney and the critics not only make their shallow stand, but stop short.


Could God stop all the suffering in the world? No doubt! He could remove your free will and ability to think freely! He could force respect and adulation upon us. He could make us all perfect, obedient, loving, respectful people. The world would be great! We would all be like Tim Tebow, only better! We would be perfect! The only problem with that would be, people like you, Ms Courtney, would not exist. If you were God would you want people to love, respect and believe in you freely – or because they were made too? Regardless of Ms Courtney or like, God in his infinite love – allows their folly.

I do not want to give the critics more than they can swallow at one time, albeit there is much more, God is love, if he wasn’t, chances are you wouldn’t be reading this… dwell on that. I will say that I pray for Ms Courtney and her kind, they are but a crop, a generation “sown”, not only by my own free thinking, but a watering down of previous generations, that we are “reaping” in a modern world, one that continues to idolize self, to dilute God and all of his principles which endow us with moral fiber, an item the world is sadly lacking in its diet.
Miles Altman

Before Courtney tries to out think God and his plan, which our human minds could never do, she should dive into a bible and really see who God is. He loves her even though it doesn’t seem to be reciprocated. What’s even better is that he will never stop chasing after her. Secondly, God is all knowing, present everywhere, and all powerful. There is no way she could ever understand the dynamic of his sovereignty or power. No human can. When we try to put God in a box, to try and make him understandable or controlled, it never works. One thing I do know is “with God, nothing is impossible.”Another thing to think about is this, what human do you know would die on a cross for someone who just beat the living snot of him to make sure he had a chance at an eternal life in heaven? Just some things to consider….

Courtney Hampson’s article in your recent edition went over the line.  She writes as if God could only do one thing at a time.  Really!!  Courtney, Courtney—-you must be from the North.  Don’t write about something you know nothing about—-God can do anything.  He can even make Tim Tebow a household name even though he isn’t that great a quarterback yet!!  But your snippy little comments won’t make you a good commentator.  And Tim Tebow is not the idiot here—-it’s you!!
Jacquie Durkin

Ms. Hampson
Tebow is a man being Thankful to the Lord for his opportunities. 

Opportunites afforded him by a mother who was advised to abort her pregnancy of this child. A true opportunity was given to Tim Tebow; the opportunity for life!

God Bless you for making me realize how thankful I should be for the opportunities I have every day.  Matt 7:1 is a good place to start your research next time this subject comes up. 

Happy New Year and have a Blessed 2012! May His strength be with you.
David Cook

Thank you so much to Maggie @ CH2 for the opportunity, to Courtney for a magnificent piece on Cranford & Sons and Anne for the just amazing photos. Y’all are incredible!
Randy Rockalotta

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