October 2006

We're Looking for a Few Good Men

Author: Jean Wharton

Hilton Head Island offers many wonderful things: wide, sandy beaches for biking, lying and frolicking; numerous exquisitely manicured golf courses; fine restaurants to please any craving and appetite; shopping to suit anyone’s retail whimsy. There is a reason that so many people enjoy vacationing here year after year. And obviously those of us who make our home here have done so because of all the unique and spectacular amenities available.

I was one of those annual vacationers before I was an HHI resident. My family made the trek from North Carolina for many years, sharing the joy of a long car ride and timeshare ownership. I came down to “hang out” for a summer; that was more than three years ago now. Although it often feels like longer, in those three years I’ve done my fair share of exploring this island and getting to know many different islanders. And, if I may be frank, there is something missing from life on Hilton Head…eligible bachelors.

I am courageous enough to speak for many of us eligible bachelorettes when I scratch my head in wonder at the seeming lack of dateable men on our small island. And let it be known, this is a small island. I’ve had friends set up with people they already know! I am certainly not an expert by any means, but I am very often the girl at the dinner party, dateless, who gets mobbed by other women shrieking, “I have the perfect guy for you!!!” Even Keith the security guard at the back gate of Sea Pines has tried to set me up with my south end neighbors.

If it sounds as though I’m complaining, well I know that I’m not alone. That’s why I call on you. You, Celebrate Hilton Head! Reader, you know that special guy who’s out there on the dating scene dodging psychos and trying to meet someone great, or at least someone without a criminal record. Well, we want to hear about him. Nominate him to be Celebrate Hilton Head’s Bachelor of the Year. Be he a doctor, lawyer, landscaper, teacher, lifeguard, traffic cop, preacher or real estate agent, we want him. And I truly mean WE. This isn’t just some shameful way for one single gal to meet guys; this is a legitimate contest to find the most eligible bachelor on Hilton Head Island.

Why should those folks at People magazine be the only ones who get to say who’s the hottest bachelor? I know we have a good collection of fellas right here that need to make themselves known. Hopefully, the issue won’t cause too many catfights around the office water cooler, but at least that could lead us to weeding out the crop for Bachelorette of the Year.

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