January 2012

January 2012: Letters to the Editor

Author: Special To C2 Magazine

A Letter to Tim:
Tim, I know this loss of your position of Head Coach of your beloved Seahawks came as a shock. It is a shock to all of us and we feel your pain. We know what you went through during your time at Hilton Head High and we know that these last few months have been a tumultuous time for you, your family and your true friends who know the real Tim Singleton, not the monster the School Administration and the writers of this newspaper have made you out to be. WE KNOW you would never steal money from anyone let alone a program that benefits local children. WE KNOW about the policy’s that sprung up within the school that you “supposedly” didn’t follow during since September. WE KNOW that in all your time at HHH you never received one write-up until a few months ago when you received several to further the administrations purpose to fire you. WE KNOW the truth will come out eventually and we hope other HHH staff will not be hurt the way you have been in the process. WE KNOW how hard it’s been for you to lose your health insurance because of your son’s condition and need for medication. WE KNOW about the trips to the eye glass doctor for your “other kids/players/students” who were unable to afford much needed eyewear. WE KNOW about the purchase of shoes, clothes, meals…..the list goes on and on, for any student that came to you with a need. WE KNOW there is no limit or end to your generosity. WE KNOW about the money you’ve loaned to friends in need, the blood sweat and tears you’ve put into your football team, your Strive program and your own children’s education. WE KNOW about the fundraising efforts you single handedly accomplished for your football team WITHOUT the support of the Booster Club. WE KNOW that you are not a slum lord, in fact that your generosity doesn’t stop with your kids but extends on to your tenants in your units who can’t pay rent on time or can’t pay utility bills. WE KNOW that when Chips father came to you about Chip playing on the team it never occurred to you to say no because you are a GREAT MAN, A LEADER OF MEN, A HERO, AN INSPIRATION, and you will now leave a LEGACY that will never be forgotten. This is not the end for you, it is just the beginning. We stand behind you, we support you and we are rooting for you Tim, to move on to greater endeavors in life and not let this bump in the road prevent you from greatness.

To your boys Bryce and Jordan: You may come across these articles as you continue to grow and become men. The majority of what you read in the Island Packet Articles is absolutely false. Your father refused to “get into the mud” with the people behind the stories. He refused to stoop to their level and because of that only one side of this story was ever printed. You are quite possibly the two most loved children on the planet. You are his whole world and he tried to prevent any of this from reaching or hurting you although he couldn’t stop it and knows you had to endure issues within the schools because of this. Bryce, his dream of coaching you as a Seahawk football player may have been cut short but it by no means will interfere with your goals as a young man and up and coming high school student. Your father is an AMAZING person who became the target of somebody else’s agenda to further their own career while ending his. Sometimes that happens in the “real world” and it’s just a fact of life. If there is one thing you take from this whole situation it should be to always imitate your father’s composure under pressure, his humility, integrity and dignity.

Tim, we will always remember you the way you truly are and not the way the media has portrayed you to be. Your passion, your infectious smile, your drive, your hope, your generosity, your humility will never be forgotten at Hilton Head High.


Dear Ms. Washo,
Thank you for publishing Frank Dunne’s thoughtful article about Hospice Care of the Low Country. He wove a beautiful story of personal reflections and factual information about hospice care.

As Dunne aptly detailed, hospice is not a global organization but rather a concept of care that a number of organizations (approximately fifteen in the Low Country, as he notes) provide.

Each hospice organization imparts valuable services that make it unique. Hospice Care of the Low Country, however, is not exclusive in the respect that it is independent, community-based, non-profit and Medicare & Medicaid certified. THA Group Island Hospice is also locally owned, community-based, non-profit, and Medicare & Medicaid certified.

As a fellow provider committed to the very best end-of-life care, we applaud Low Country Hospice for the incredible services that its dedicated team brings to the coastal South Carolina community.

Sincerely yours,
Sarah Smith
THA Group Island Hospice

Dear Frank,
Thanks so much for your great article!!!

We are all thrilled to be featured so well in your magazine!

Merry Christmas to you!
The Art League

The gang at 3 Black Dogs has been an inspiration to so many people. It was amazing to witness so many people come together with a common goal. See ya Jan. 28th!!!
Joan Huska

I was proud to be a part of the fund raiser, and it is a great joy to see that love can overcome brutality!
Karen Trichel

Chop Suey!
You handle your great responsibility of the stash well. I can remember when you came into the SCB wearing your little back pack, black goggles and a skull hat looking like a little Ninja turtle. Then you grew the “the Stash” and everything changed. You blossomed into this young dynamic bartender who may be short in height, but not in stature. Pour on my friend! The world is a thirsty place.

Paulie-Paul is the best bartender I have had the pleasure of drinking with. He not only is creative with the jigger, but also maintains the most professional festive attire to keep the customers wanting more. I couldn’t be more proud of Mr. Mustachio.
Mags M.

Paul is a wonderful bartender who not only knows his way around the top shelf, but he is charming in a kooky kind of way. Cheers to Paul!
Eric Sharpe

Your Christmas Story tickled me and touched me! Especially the chuckle I got from the M and M story! So nice to read a story from a sweet girl that I knew a long long time ago!
Merry Christmas!

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