December 2011

Hello My Name Is... With Paul C Rabe

Author: Paul C Rabe | Photographer: Mark Staff

(the 2nd and 3rd (refer to picture) Coolest Person in Hilton Head/Bluffton)

My name is Paul “Chad” Rabe, but my friends call me “Hey you, get me another drink!” You may have seen me bartending at One Hot Mama’s/Skull Creek Boathouse or my moustache teaching yoga to girls suffering from vertigo. I grew up in the exciting Southwest Suburb of Chicago, Orland Park.

When I was five, I looked up my to dad; he was tall with a moustache and could get me snacks, but now I look up to everyone; I’m short and I still need snacks. Damn Top Shelf! It’s been twelve years since I first came to Hilton Head Island, and to me, the biggest change is BLUFFTON IS GETTING AN OLIVE GARDEN!!! SALAD AND BREADSTICKS FOR ALL!!!

If someone were to ask me for advice about facial hair, I would tell them “with great power; comes great responsibility.” My line of work is a demonstration in patience and I chose this profession because someone has to teach 21 year olds how to act in a bar.

If I were mayor of Bluffton, my first order of business would be I don’t think you heard me BLUFFTON IS GETTING AN OLIVE GARDEN!!! SALAD AND BREADSTICKS FOR ALL!!!

My favorite time of the year on HHI/Bluffton, is during the offseason, SERG restaurants do their BOGO passports because you can eat at all their restaurants for “half price.”

In closing, when you turn the page, I hope you remember I’m the guy on the back of the bike or was it the front?, but definitely to ALWAYS tip your bartender.

Keep it Real! Stay Yellow,

………………….. Manila Ice

  1. Great stuff!

    Paul is a wonderful bartender who not only knows his way around the top shelf, but he is charming in a kooky kind of way. Cheers to Paul!

    — Eric Sharpe    Dec 2, 11:24 am   

  2. Paul you are the breast!!!

    — Edilia    Dec 2, 11:28 am   

  3. I’d do those chicks

    — Scott    Dec 2, 02:24 pm   

  4. Paulie-Paul is the best bartender I have had the pleasure of drinking with. He not only is creative with the jigger, but also maintains the most professional festive attire to keep the customers wanting more. I couldn’t be more proud of Mr.Mustachio.

    — -Mags    Dec 2, 06:36 pm   

  5. power to the umpa lumpa’s short people rock.

    — jason    Dec 2, 10:24 pm   

  6. chop suhey you handle your great resonsibility of the stash well. I can remember when you came into the SCB wearing youe little back pack, black goggles and a skull hat looking like a little Ninja turtle. Then you grew the “the Stash” and everything changed you blossomed into this young dynamic bartender who maybe short in height but not stature. Pour on my friend the world is a thirsty place. Nick

    — nick    Dec 3, 01:29 pm   

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