December 2011

Up and Coming - Local Young Artists

Author: Special To C2 Magazine

C2 scoured local schools in search of the next Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh and we found an abundance of local talent blooming in the Lowcountry. Special thanks to the student artists of Hilton Head High School, Hilton Head Preparatory, Christian Academy and Bluffton High School for sharing their artwork with us.

Sarah Bundy
11th Grade
Hilton Head Christian Academy

Brooke Bishop
12th grade
Hilton Head Christian Academy

Heidi Stine
Composite Drawing in color pencils
Drawing III Honors
Sophomore, HHIHS

Jessica Bonilla
‘Careful with what you create’
AP Art
Senior, HHIHS

Miles Helman
Skatebook Page 1
AP Photography
Senior, HHIHS

Lanie Miller
AP Drawing
Bluffton High School

Caitlin Baltzley
Hilton Head Prep

Marielle Alexander
Hilton Head Prep

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