December 2011

Letters to the Editor: December 2011

Author: Special To C2 Magazine

Excellent article! Admire the work Hospice provides to our citizens. Thanks to all for your caring and efforts, special thanks to Barbara Lawrence (my sister) for her continued support of both your agency and her family.
Janet Iles

I must say I’m a bit appalled by this month’s article by Frank Dunne. I enthusiastically began reading, thinking this was an article to express “his” opinion on the “death penalty”, clearly that wasn’t so. Mr. Dunne your 1st five paragraphs clearly highlights (in my opinion) your disdain for the now deceased Troy Davis. It’s clear to me your opinion is based solely on this one case and has nothing to do with how you feel about the death penalty as the article’s heading states. I usually look forward to reading the article each month but, I must say I’m very disappointed today reading this. My advice to you is, do some research next time and please, for crying out loud, STICK TO THE TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!
A Disgruntled Reader

Palmetto Animal League Thanks Markel’s Card and Gift Shop
It was PAL day at Markel’s on November 10th! Knowing the cost of maintaining a thriving Adoption Center—from utilities to pet food to medical care—Mark Postlethwaite and Mike Veina, owners of the popular gift stop in Bluffton’s Kitties Crossing, generously offered to donate a percent of the proceeds for the entire day to Palmetto Animal League. Refreshments were served in the evening and the store was lively with shoppers and supporters. Markel’s raised over $700 for PAL in one day! PAL sends out a heartfelt thanks to Markel’s for their support and recognition that we all have a responsibility to care for Lowcountry animals in need.
Amy Campanini, Executive Director

Bachelor of the Year 2012
How do we vote for the Bachelor of the year? – Carole

How do we vote for the Bachelor of the year? – Dianne Acton

How do we vote for the Bachelor of the year? – Steve

How do we vote for the bachelor of the year? – Melissa Stephens

Editor’s Note: Go to Click on the VOTE NOW button on our homepage. Select your bachelor of choice. If you have more than 60 seconds to spare, Watch the Behind the Scenes footage of their photo shoot. Stay tuned for the January issue to see who won.

This is only a personal note to comment on the beautiful Lucy. I wrote to you Oct. 2010 when you first wrote about Lucy at age 4 months. We had recently lost our Bernese. A year later we have a handsome 7 month Bernese boy, Prince Charming – William (the litter was named after the royal wedding). He is extremely sweet, being socialized as much as we can.

Just wanted to share!

Editor’s Note: Lucy’s future husband.

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