November 2011

C2's Women In Business: Celebrate Magazine

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In September of 2006, Celebrate Hilton Head burst onto the scene with a fresh perspective on Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and the surrounding Lowcountry. At the helm was a team of young women with no experience whatsoever in the publishing industry. They made it through the first year making up the rules as they went along. Now entering its sixth year, the magazine has evolved into a well-respected publication with hundreds of advertisers and distribution to over 47,000 locals and visitors each month.

In her role as Art Director, Kelly Stroud weaves her magic mouse to make words and artwork meld together in eye popping fashion. Also known as the office “technology expert,“she can often be found at the printer solving everyone else’s problems.

Catherine Davies is liaison to the client where the creation of ads is concerned but her expertise does not end there. She also handles the constant updating of the website and gets the award for “Sunniest Disposition.”

Ashton Kelley has been with CH2 from almost the beginning and excels in her current role as Senior Sales Manager. Don’t be fooled by her sweet exterior – she will sell you an ad before you know what hit you.

Kim Crouch is the newest addition to the sales team and has already won everyone over with her fun-loving attitude and the fact that she also knows how to sell an ad.

Rounding out the team is Maggie Washo, Publisher and fearless leader. Besides having a great idea now and then all she really does is make sure all the photographers and writers get their pieces submitted on time. Which really is a full time job.

Together this dynamic team finds a new way to Celebrate Hilton Head and its residents – month after month.

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