November 2011

C2's Women In Business: Fresh Air Business Promotions

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Looking back at the 1960s Mad Men advertising world, Cindy Hooker and Marie Pistilli have come a long way, baby. Steeped in today’s technology tools, the women of the Fresh Air Business Promotions give businesses a refreshing new approach to full-service advertising. These two mothers of six children instinctively and intuitively know how companies juggle all the balls of promoting and producing business while delivering quality design work within your budget. They know it because they live it. For seven years, Cindy, Marie and their team have been crystallizing their clients’ creative vision, executing promotional campaigns and, ultimately, connecting their clients with more customers.

In the cutting-edge world of advertising, Cindy and Marie give you the tools to get ahead. Whether you need the care and attention of a full service advertising agency or you just need some savvy, a la carte creative, Fresh Air Business Promotions can make it happen. Peruse through their menu of creative options such as: concept, copy, design, printing, web solutions, corporate branding, public relations and media relations and decide how a little color, better communication or a major market splash can make a difference for your bottom line.

Fresh Air Business Promotions has personified the tenacity of two Italian ladies at the helm, fiercely defending your place in the marketplace while guiding you through the maze of promotional options. Hailing from experiences in the corporate advertising world, Cindy and Marie are proud to be able to give you more personal service and more affordable prices due to their lack of a slick office with a view of the city. Eliminate leather chairs, personal assistants and the distractions of the Mad Men lifestyle, there’s more focus on your creative needs and business goals.

Mash out your Virginia Slims, call Fresh Air Business Promotion and see how your business can also come a long way, baby.

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