November 2011

November 2011: Letters to the Editor

Author: Special To C2 Magazine

On behalf of Carolina Cups, I would like to thank all of the participants, sponsors and volunteers who supported our inaugural three-day breast cancer walk/run, LoCo Motion.

First and foremost, our board members deserve special recognition for their tireless efforts and dedication. Without them, LoCo Motion would never have been brought to life. Thank you to Natalie Hefter, Elizabeth Renfroe, Samantha Starling and Sheila Smith.

We are incredibly grateful for the support of our sponsors, which include Beaufort Memorial Hospital; WSAV-TV; the Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa; Sheri’s Edible Designs; Bragg Media;; Hilton Head Hospital; Palmetto Running Company; The SERG Restaurant Group; LoCo Boot Camp; The Island Funeral Home; Adventure Radio; Corks Wine Bar; and Three Black Dogs. And our deepest appreciation to Terry Bergeron, our No. 1 fan.

Thank you to our participants, who came from 17 states, and trained countless miles to be a part of LoCo Motion and raise money in the fight against breast cancer. We especially honor the 31 survivors that crossed the finish line. They were an inspiration to us all.

The weekend was about fellowship, commitment, survivorship and the celebration of life. If LoCo Motion motivated one person to make an appointment for a mammogram or to start doing self-exams, then all of our blisters were worth it.

Laura Morgan
President, Carolina Cups
Bluffton, S.C.

Bravo Miss Washo,

It must be nice to have a format to express your personal feelings to the exclusion of the opinions of others. How in the world could you or anyone else for that matter look at the obvious impropriety (to put it kindly) that has occurred in the STRIVE TO EXCEL program. Tim Singleton may have won a place in your heart and your wallet but for you to defend what he has done to destroy the reputation of what began as a truly noble venture aimed at helping children. Tim Singleton is certainly not a model for my child to emulate. The financial discrepancies alone should be cause for a full investigation into how he managed funds and how he came to be able to operate unchecked. Do you really feel that he should have been able to increase his compensation $40,000.00 !!!! Should he have used funds from STRIVE to pay for equipment for the football team and tee shirts to pass out at the middle school. Then there is the selling of banners in the stadium at the high school…where did that money go? I would love to be able to pay my personal credit card bills with company funds the way your friend did but…that would be THEFT. Lets see what else the wonderful Mr. Singleton has accomplished…he has gotten the high school fined and been suspended for his attempts to cheat as a coach. I don’t want to go into his “ incredible” financial turn around since he started controlling STRIVE. It surely looks like he has learned to EXCEL its the way he does that makes him the worst roll model a young person could have. It seems that you like so many others seem content to forget any and all improprieties that their “friend” has committed and to “look forward instead of looking backward”. My final comment to you is…I hope that if the day ever comes that I commit some serious crime that I have “friends” like you on the jury.

Brock R. Marlin
Marlin Mediation


Good morning and a happy Friday!

I just wanted to say that your “two cents” were right on with regards to Strive to Excel! Well done!!

Take care and I hope to see you soon!


Know the couple personally and they are everything the article says. They are great people on and off the stage.

You get chills when you see this team hold hands and walk to the sidelines before each game…so happy my son Nick is a part of this great experience.
Jenn Williamson

My son is a Senior on this very team….well said. Look forward to seeing everyone out at Friday night lights.
Erin Boyles

You have reported accurately how truly amazing this team is, being at the games is a real pleasure and experience….I never miss a game
Liz Valentine

This is an awesome article. I play inside linebacker for the Bluffton Bobcats and I just want to say, on behalf of the team, Thank you!
Kyle Waddell

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