September 2011

QUALITY GOLF CARS: Your One Stop Source For Golf Cars and Service

Author: Peter Zink | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Bruce Simmons is no stranger to golf cars. Prior to opening Quality Golf Cars in 2008, he worked with the EZ-Go golf cart company for over 20 years all over the country. His last assignment was manager of the Bluffton EZ-Go showroom before it became an independent dealership.

After years of the corporate grind, Simmons was bitten by the entrepreneur bug and decided he wanted to open his own golf cart store. In the midst of the financial crisis, he and his wife Rhonda opened not one, but two Quality Golf Cars stores at the same time—one in Bluffton and one in Rincon, Georgia.

Today when you walk into their showroom off Okatie Village Drive, you’ll find shiny floors and a warm “Can I help you?” the minute you step through the doorway. From traditional golf carts to camouflage hunting vehicles that dot the showroom, Simmons’ newly independent streak permeates the business.

“For 20 years, I was an EZ-Go employee and loved the company,” he said. “I still do today. But when I made the transition from corporate employee to self-employed, I went from brand loyalty to customer loyalty.”

Customer loyalty begins at seven in the morning, when it’s not unusual to find a column of golf cars lined up to take advantage of the only full-service drive thru for golf carts and Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) in the Sun City area. From replacing batteries to pumping tires, the drive thru offers an easy way for customers to drop off their vehicles. Store hours range from 7 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on Saturday, which gives working professionals time to get their cars in for service. If you’re unable to bring your vehicle in to the service center, Quality Golf Cars offers pick-up and drop-off service to many local areas six days a week.

“The fall is a good time to get your golf cart serviced and ready for the new season. We go through your batteries and grease the chassis to keep everything running smooth. Our goal is a 24-hour turnaround on all vehicles, and 95 percent of the time we’re able to do that,” Simmons said.

But don’t limit your experience to service and repairs. When you walk into the showroom, notice the menagerie of leather seats and dashboards that line the walls. No two golf cars on the showroom floor look the same, and that’s due to the serious customization Quality Golf Cars offers.

One of the most popular changes customers like is an orthopedic leather seat that provides lumbar support for their backs. The seat is extremely comfortable and allows you to sit in it for long stretches of time when you’re waiting for golf partners to finish their game or when planning extended traveling for the day.

“The first customer who ever sat in one of those seats bought it,” Simmons said, adding that his team also offers fully customizable paint jobs and a wide spectrum of vehicle performance alterations.

Whether you’re in the market for your first cart or an upgrade, Quality Golf Cars has the best selection. Besides rebuilt models of traditional favorites like EZ-Go and Club Car, Quality Golf Cars offers some unique lines that aren’t available anywhere else in the area. A favorite among customers is the Tomberlin, rated by Forbes magazine as one of the safest golf carts and LSVs on the market. It comes standard with many features that are optional on other cars: three point seat belts, a third brake light, windshield wipers and four wheel disc brakes. And to top it all off, Tomberlin offers a four-year warranty. “They’re a company that stands behind their product,” Simmons said.

In addition to Tomberlin, Quality Golf Cars carries Alumacar, Columbia, and motor scooters from Schwinn Motorsports. Alumacar is known for lightweight aluminum frames and a charging system that lets vehicles clock between a cool 52 and 60 miles per charge. Columbia carries a wide line of rugged and well-built vehicles applicable for a wide variety of jobs both at home and at work. And the motor scooters have proven a big hit with college students.

Finding the expertise to sell such a wide variety of inventory is no easy feat, but Simmons credits his sales team for the success. He says he has “some of the best employees out there.”

Simmons’ “go-to guy,” Kevin McCauley, has been with Quality Golf Cars since the start. Originally a window and door salesman out of Atlanta, he’s seen the challenges and changes Quality Golf Cars has gone through to stay relevant with customers.

“We’re very fortunate with where we are now. But it’s not easy here; you definitely have to earn every customer that walks through that door,” McCauley said. Between McCauley and three others, Quality Golf Cars has over 100 years of sales experience in the store. In addition, the store has two mechanics that come from forklift and automotive maintenance backgrounds.

With his local business free from the constraints of a single corporate brand, Simmons and his team have found it a lot easier to cater to what customers want. From fully customizable golf carts, drive-up service, and their own financing service, Quality Golf Cars is a business born and raised in a tough recession. As Simmons points out, “We opened our doors in October 2008. And here we are still standing. Something tells me we must be doing something right.”

Once you check them out, you just might agree.

To get rolling with your next golf car, visit Quality Golf Cars in the Okatie Village Shopping Center at 212 Okatie Village Drive next to Food Lion. For more information, call (843) 705-6655 or visit

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