September 2011

Country Club Of Hilton Head: The Place For Meetings, Events and Special Occasions

Author: Frank Dunne, Jr.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…if you need to throw together a meeting or other last minute group event, there are open dates at the Country Club of Hilton Head (CCHH) in November. “It’s a relatively slow month because everybody’s gearing up for the holidays,” said the club’s events director, MacKenzie Raehm. Not that she recommends planning something on such short notice, though.

“I’m very organized. I like to have things kind of set in stone, and I think your date and your venue are the two biggest things that you need to get solidified before you start planning,” she said. “So if you have something to plan for next year, definitely secure the date and venue first no matter how far out in 2012 it is.” But if short notice is unavoidable, she added, “I’m a proponent of the earlier the better, but we can accommodate anybody. We do a lot of events on the fly.”

Either way, last minute or long lead, Raehm wants you to host your event at the CCHH, and she has another secret to share with you. “I think a lot of people don’t realize that you don’t have to be a member and you do not need to have a member sponsor to host an event at the club,” she said. “There are definitely some perks (waived room rental and discounted service fee, for example), but anybody can have an event here.”

It doesn’t necessarily have to involve golf either. “There’s really no limitation on the kinds of events that we do,” Raehm said. The scope of events held at CCHH includes weddings and bridal showers, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, small business meetings and larger conferences, luncheons and, yes, golf outings, and the facilities are well suited to all of them.

“We have the Magnolia Room, which is our fancy dining room that can hold about 100 people, and we have a more casual dining room that holds about 50,” Raehm said. “Our ballroom can accommodate 220 people. We have a room to fit any need.”

The CCHH is a popular meeting and conference location for local businesses and other types of organizations. For example, Lions Club, Navy League and Hilton Head Island Area Association of Realtors all hold monthly meetings at CCHH. “We love having those kinds of groups, and we have a ton of space that’s great for that kind of thing. For example the Magnolia Room holds 100 people, but it can be partitioned off for smaller groups,” Raehm said. The facilities also provide projection screens, projectors, wireless audio and Internet access, podiums, and other equipment for presentations when required.

For golf events like charity fundraisers, CCHH can help with a lot of the details beyond providing a course. The club’s range of golf related event services include clinics, scoring, format recommendations, course signage, marketing, promotion and sponsorships, and skills games.

“Weddings are the biggest thing that we love to do,” Raehm said. “We’re great at weddings! We have a wonderful venue and we do a great garden ceremony out back. We also have a beach ceremony at Dolphin Head.” She noted that the Dolphin Head location for beach weddings has some distinct advantages over the publicly accessed beaches, most notably, privacy. “You won’t have people sunbathing or playing bocce as a backdrop to your wedding ceremony.” Dolphin Head is also located in Hilton Head Plantation, as is CCHH, so it is convenient with respect to getting everybody from the ceremony to the reception.

Raehm especially stresses planning ahead for weddings because the popular months tend to book up pretty quickly. While the busiest month varies from year to year (her biggest last year was May; the year before, it was October), spring and fall are the wedding months. Contrary to the popular notion that June is the wedding month, Raehm says that April, May, September and October are her busiest—something to think about if you’ve recently popped the question (or had the question popped on you). “Spring seems to fill up more quickly,” Raehm said. “Right now I’m pretty much booked up, but I’ve got nothing for the fall yet.”

To get started planning your event at the Country Club of Hilton Head, contact MacKenzie Raehm, private events director, at (843) 681-2582 or

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