September 2011

The Shores Are Alive. Hilton Head Prep Presents The Sound Of Music

Author: Pamela Capriotti Martin | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Hilton Head Preparatory School’s performing arts department will perform the beloved Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, The Sound of Music, in November. The elaborate stage production features 31 student cast members, 15 crew members and a collaborative, 24-person orchestra comprised of students from various Beaufort County schools and local professional musicians.

“We set the bar extremely high last year with our productions of Footloose and Little Shop of Horrors, and this year we plan to exceed everyone’s expectations,” said Benjamin Wolfe, director of performing arts at Hilton Head Prep. “We wanted the first show of the year to be a musical that the entire family—indeed the entire community—can enjoy together, and we felt there would be no better way to kick off the holiday season than with the timeless favorite, The Sound of Music.”

In 1959, long before Wolfe or his young cast members were born, The Sound of Music premiered on Broadway. Why then is he so excited about this 50-year-old American classic?

Kids with Maria- “With a smile and a song, Maria wins over the Von Trapp Family. Performances are at the VPAC November 3rd, 5th and 6th. Tickets at”

“I’ve loved this musical since childhood,” Wolfe said. “The songs are so familiar that the audience will definitely leave the auditorium humming. The Broadway version is slightly different from the familiar movie version, but all the songs we love to hear are definitely there.”

In his third year at Hilton Head Prep, Wolfe places a heavy demand on his students to produce the highest professional-quality stage productions possible. The cast rehearses six nights a week in preparation and the technical theatre class spends countless hours designing and building intricately crafted hanging sets, which will quickly bring the numerous scene changes and shifts to life with speed and precision. This production, which will be run entirely by the student production staff at Hilton Head Prep, will maximize every square inch of the VPAC’s extensive space.

Wolfe’s dedication spills over into the design of set and costumes. Not content to use contemporary props and set pieces, Wolfe is happily combing local homes and auction houses to find authentic furniture pieces to enhance the theater experience for the audience.

Von Trapp, Elsa & Max – Billy Best, Cameron Stewart and Kendall Walton. – “The Captain and his fiance can never be certain when they’ll be paid a visit by the wisecracking uncle Max.”

Wolfe is excited about the variety that this season offers audiences on the island, with the later production being the uproariously funny modern hit Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, to be presented in February.

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