September 2011

KIINETICO: Do You Know What's In The Water?

Author: Frank Dunne, Jr.

Sharks and jellyfish?

No. Not that water. I’m talking about the water that you use to shower and shave, do the dishes and laundry and— for some of you at least—drink. All it takes is one taste of untreated water from your kitchen faucet to clue you in that there’s a lot more stuff than just water in your glass.

“I recently tested a woman’s water in Hilton Head Plantation. It’s called a TDS test, that’s totally dissolved solids,” said Shirl Snyder, who is a sales rep for Kinetico Water Systems. “The test revealed that there were 149 totally dissolved solids in her water.”

Those totally dissolved solids are things like calcium and various other minerals, which are the culprits behind what we call “hard” water, and they cause more trouble than just making the water taste funky.

“We have hard water here on Hilton Head,” Snyder said. “The elements that make it hard can attach themselves to your pipes and to components in your appliances.” That’s the scale buildup you see in your plumbing and water-using appliances. It can drastically reduce their efficiency and shorten their service lives, which can be very costly.

Problems caused by hard water aren’t purely economic either. They affect quality of life. Hard water leaves streaks, spots and soap scum that are unsightly and difficult to remove no matter how much you clean. It forces you to use more detergent when you do your laundry, but your clothes still don’t look as clean or last as long as they would if they were washed in soft water. Here’s something else to think about. With hard water, you’re bathing and showering in all that stuff building up in the plumbing and appliances. People who have had water softening/purification systems installed discover that hair and skin is softer and smoother after bathing.

Kinetico provides solutions to hard water and other contamination issues for your home’s drinking and working water. Products range from under-sink drinking water purifiers to whole-house systems that soften the water coming into your home so your water heater, washer and dishwasher perform as well as they should for as long as they should. Kinetico’s systems are non-electric—the only ones of their kind on the market—so they won’t add to your electric bill. The appropriate system is determined by the specific problems in each home.

“I have to analyze the water first, which would be about a $290 service if you took it to a lab,” Snyder said. (Kinetico provides the service for free.) “For that home that I mentioned in Hilton Head Plantation, our reverse osmosis (RO) system eliminated all but nine of the TDS. It’s extremely important to know if your filtration system is only taking the chlorine, for example, out of the water or if it’s taking everything out. The only way to take everything out is through reverse osmosis.”

“I had a system in a house that I owned for about 11 years,” said Hilton Head Island resident Gordon Kettering. “I got it mainly because the water here doesn’t taste very good!”

Prior to installing the Kinetico system, Mr. Kettering had been using charcoal filters on his home’s faucets. “I didn’t want to have a filter on every faucet in the house. Plus they’re always leaking, and when you change the filter they spilled all over. This Kinetico system, you just put it in and forget about it.”

Our most comprehensive drinking water system uses multiple stages of filtration, including reverse osmosis technology, to remove just about everything from your water that isn’t water. The K5 is the most advanced reverse osmosis system available, with unparalleled features and benefits. Find out why so many people are opting for this state-of-the-art drinking water system.

For those who believe that reverse osmosis technology is the way to go, but are satisfied with a more basic approach to drinking water treatment, the AquaKinetic drinking water system is for you. The three-stage system provides clean, refreshing water for drinking and cooking with minimal maintenance.

If your main concern is ridding your water of unpleasant tastes and odors, the MACguard Filter system is a good choice. It provides a plentiful supply of refreshing water for your drinking water needs and is the most economical option for filtering the water in your home.

To find out what’s really in your water, and learn what to do about it, visit or call authorized dealer Shirl Snyder at (843) 471-9292.

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