October 2011

October 2011: Editor's Note - Strive To Excel

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Oh yes, even I am going to jump on the bandwagon.

I met Tim Singleton a few years ago when he called and asked if he could meet with me about getting some press for Strive to Excel (S2E). Of course, being the greedy publisher that I am, I wanted ad revenue. After meeting with Tim, thoughts of ad revenue went out the window, and I ended up “in the hole” by donating six full pages and a special photo shoot for the kids of S2E so they could be featured in the magazine.

Fast forward a year. Tim asked if I would participate in the Dancing with the Stars Fundraiser for S2E. I donated my time learning how to dance three nights a week for two months (and another six pages to promote the event) because I thought it was a worthy cause. And it wasn’t just me. Lisa Sulka, Cinda Seamon, Molly O. Smith, Blanche Sullivan, Mary Amonitti, Robin Swift, Arleda James, Eddie Days and Ray Deal also took time out of their busy schedules to donate to a worthy cause.

Fast forward six more months. The CH2 crew went to the elementary school to talk to the Strive kids about how to put a magazine together. Amy Metzger had been asking for months for us to do this, and we finally made the time in March of this year. What we saw there were fifth graders with short attention spans, yes, but my staff was impressed with how the kids responded to “Mr. Singleton.” He had their attention, and they behaved respectfully in his (and our) presence.

I guess what I am trying to say is this: Mr. Singleton has a way with kids, and quite frankly, a way with people. Is he a bit of a salesman? Absolutely. And that’s exactly what a charity needs to raise money. Does he need help to get costs under control? Sound like it. It looks like S2E has a new board that is willing to get involved so let’s stop the witch hunt and let them get back to business.

I cannot comment on all of the allegations swirling around in the newspaper every day. I can only comment on my own experience with S2E, which has been nothing but uplifting to me personally, and from what I can tell, to the kids. Isn’t that what it’s really about at the end of the day?

That’s my two cents.

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