September 2011

SEPTEMBER 2011: Letters To The Editor...

Author: Special To C2 Magazine

Dear Ms. Washo,

I am writing this email to hopefully inform you of an error I noticed on your current magazine and fellow article. I noticed you had interviewed Mark Pellegrino for your magazine and was instantly intrigued by this and while I enjoyed the article and illustrations I realised you spelled Mr. Pellegrino’s name wrong twice – once was on the cover of the magazine, as his name was spelt as ‘Mark Pelligrino’ and second on your online article, where you have written ‘Mark Pellegino opens up!’

I hope to have brought this to your attention and that you may consider taking the appropriate action for errors such as these.

Yours sincerely,
Heather Hume

Editors Note: Dear Heather Hume, the two persons responsible for such horrid errors have been fired. Thank you for bringing these items to my attention.

Regarding your recent article on William Byrd Custom Homebuilders, an excellent traditional builder, I might add, I would like to emphasize that “Green Building” need not be expensive. If one chooses to add wormy chestnut (@ $20. a bd’), then it certainly can be.

The primary emphasis of green building is energy conservation followed by efficiency. A recent Georgia Tech study, funded by the Turner Foundation, found that by concentrating on restricting air leakage through the building envelope (the shell – a double air barrier with insulation between) and increasing window glazing quality, the decreased load requirements (HVAC) will require less capacity from the HVAC system making the efforts cost neutral. Many State building codes set standards for air leakage and glazing quality; South Carolina does not. What this means to the average homeowner is load requirements for a typical Beaufort County home may be three times that of a home built to ASTM and/or Energy Star standards (say 6 tons vs. 2 tons)and the higher costs of usage continue for the life of the unit(s).

Mr. Byrd suggests there is no need to “certify” a building; I strongly disagree. How does one know how leaky the envelope and ducts are without testing? How can one determine interior ventilation requirements, when one doesn’t know the amount of ventilation present from air leakage? Being that those two components figure greatly in HVAC system sizing, without testing, you are only guessing.

I’ll offer Mr. Byrd a one-time complimentary blower door test on his “green” home to enable him to quantify the amount of envelope leakage.

Paul McGovern
Hers Rater; BPI BA / EP; Certified Green Professional Energy Diagnostics & Design

I am confused. Nothing new for those that know me, but is there a new sponsor or not? If not, then how has all this “proven we can turn the tide?”

Jeff SKI Kinsey

Editor’s Note: Yes Jeff. The Heritage has a new sponsor. Two, actually. The Royal Bank of Canada and Boeing. The tournament lives on for at least five more years!

Jester clearly knows what he’s talking about. Pay attention. He is the “go to” guy.

D Burckhalter

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