September 2011

SEPTEMBER 2011: Editor's Note - When Five is A Lot!

Author: Maggie Washo

Three years ago the CH2 crew went on a weekend getaway to Palm Key. The first day was packed full of granola activities—kayaking, yoga and such. That night we had a big BBQ party and perhaps just a tad too much to drink. The next morning as we were nursing our hangovers, enjoying coffee on the back deck of our cabin, we started talking about how five was a lot if…it was the number of cocktails you had in one hour. Another one of us chimed in with “Five is a lot if…it’s the number of kids you’ve had in the last four years.”

Then it was on. They came flying fast and furious. Five is a lot if it’s the number of guys you’ve dated in the last two weeks. Five is a lot of eggs to eat for breakfast. Five is a lot of hours to spend doing yoga. Five is a lot if it has the word “million” after it. Five is a lot when it’s the number of years you’ve dated a guy and there is still no engagement ring. Five is a lot when it’s the amount of hours you have been sitting in an airport.

I think reading about the wounded warriors coming to Palm Key this month (page 136) triggered that memory for me. I started thinking about when five years is a lot, as it relates to celebrating CH2’s fifth anniversary this month.

Five years is a lot when it means you have published 2,356 articles.

Five is a lot when it means scheduling and attending 1, 435 photo shoots.

Five is a lot when it means choosing 60 covers.

Our whole team would like to extend a sincere thank you to the readers and advertisers who have helped us make it to age five.

See you next month!

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