August 2011

August 2011 - Our Town – The Curry Foundation 2nd Annual Curry Cup Chairty Golf Event

Author: Frank Dunne, Jr.

About a year and a half ago, a friend recruited me to volunteer for The Curry Foundation, a local non-profit charity organization. I’ve never really been much into volunteerism, but he made a pretty convincing case. I liked the fact that The Curry Foundation is a small, local group helping local people. I’d know everybody involved, know where the money is going, and I’d actually get to meet the beneficiaries directly and see them get better.

So far, so good. I’ve seen it twice since then, most recently with a young woman named Sherry Kahle. Sherry’s an art teacher at Hilton Head Island Middle School and, by all accounts, extremely popular with the kids. She feels the same way about them. “I absolutely love my job,” she said. “I get to work in art and be with kids all day—two of my favorite things.”

It was bad for both sides when Sherry had to miss months of work because of cancer. That’s the way it works: one person gets sick, a bunch of people feel the effects.

I first met Sherry last fall, a few months after she’d been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She’d just undergone a chemotherapy treatment and, although she didn’t look sick to me, I could tell she was having a hard time getting through the interview.

Not so when I reconnected with her in the spring. Having gone through six chemo treatments between August and December of 2010 and a series of tests to make sure it worked, Sherry told me that scans taken in January came up completely clean. She’d also been back to work—back with the kids—for about six weeks.

The Curry Foundation’s role in a case like Sherry’s is to provide temporary financial assistance, allowing her to concentrate her energy on getting well and getting her life back to normal without worrying so much about the dollars.
“When you’re going through a situation like that where you’re fighting for your life and it catastrophically changes your entire life, to worry about finances can kind of make or break you,” she said. “It gave me the opportunity to focus on my health.”

As a matter of fact, Sherry’s feeling well enough that she’s planning to pick up her clubs and join The Curry Foundation at our 2nd Annual Curry Cup Charity Golf Event. It’s Saturday, September 17 at Country Club of Hilton Head.

Last year’s event was a huge success and everybody had a blast, so why not join us as well? Play golf to help The Curry Foundation help others as we’ve helped Sherry. Sounds like a pretty good deal, don’t you think? Visit to find out how to register to play in, or be a sponsor for, The 2nd Annual Curry Cup Charity Golf Event.

By the way, we’re always looking for volunteers and are actively searching for new beneficiaries. You can inquire about either online as well.

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