August 2011

From the Editor - Scandalous!

Author: Maggie Washo

I have been totally engrossed in the Rupert Murdoch – News of the World scandal over the last few weeks. It first appeared on my radar a few months ago when I read a piece in Vanity Fair’s June issue entitled “The Dark Arts,” by Sarah Ellison. The article exposed the cover-up of questionable behavior by News of the World journalists and private investigators. It seems everyone’s (well, not everyone – just the royal princes, celebrities and anyone else deemed newsworthy) phones were being hacked, and personal messages were being reprinted as big scoop for the rag.

It’s taken seven years to come out, but even the boss himself can’t cover up this story anymore. Parts of Murdoch’s empire are under investigation, and he is currently in front of Parliament trying to explain how the heck this could have happened. Add in a pie-throwing crazy person, police investigators “resigning” left and right and U.K’s former director of communications for the Prime Minister being hauled off to jail. It’s like a movie! A made-for-TV Lifetime movie.

What really stands out to me though, is this: How on God’s green earth could News of the World afford to bribe police officers for stories and/or phone tapping? Clearly we are not charging enough for ad space. Effective immediately, our rates are going up 60 percent. If Netflix can get away with it, so can CH2. Who knows how many stories we could be missing out on because we aren’t bribing people!

Just kidding. We are bribing people. To be more specific, single men.

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And to the married guy that entered last year…REALLY?! Did you really think your wife wouldn’t find out?

What is the world coming to?

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