July 2011

Advice For Tourists...From The Locals

Author: Special To C2 Magazine

We polled our Facebook fans and did informal surveys at random bars to come up with this very good advice for all of our visitors.

Use LOTS of sunscreen! Sunburn is not a good look. Also find out about the times you are allowed to walk your dog on the beach. This guy was so sad when he was sent off the beach with his dog. He had to take the dog all the way back to his parent’s house!
- Ashley K.
(CH2 did the homework for you on this one…during the month of July, dogs are not allowed on the beach from 10am-5pm)

Always stop at the stop signs on bike paths! Watch out for cars! :)
- Haley McCafferty

Please support Local Bars and Restaurants and stop doing all that grocery shopping. All the small businesses here count on you!!
- EP

Remember to YIELD on the circles not STOP, and to use your turn signals!
- L. Shaw

Thank you, thank you, and thank you, for choosing to spend your vacation with us! You could have gone anywhere in the world, but you chose to visit Hilton Head Island.
- PP

Take a nap in the late afternoon so you can go out and check out the live entertainment available on the Island at night. You miss out on a lot by going to bed at 9:30. There is alot a talent on this Island every week!!
- John Biddle

Need us to take care of your pet while you’re sightseeing? Call Amy and Sue at Animal Magnetism- 843-681-5353.
- Amy C. Miller

‎“Like” Hilton Head restaurants and entertainment venues in Facebook before your trip to get their current specials and updates.
- Amy Tapley

Check out the local musicians we have! Everything from Rock, Motown, funk, rap, reggae, blues, classical, children’s shows and stuff in between! There is unlimited talent here and something for everyone!
- Melissa Ann Landry-Lewis

Check out The Groovetones, Candace Woodson, The Simpson Brothers, Sterlin and Shuvette, Patwa and Christian Young and the Santana duo, and a bunch of cool acts at the Electric Piano Bar.
- Tony Reyes

Apply sunscreen to the tops of your feet at the beach or when wearing sandals…really.
- Linda Warnock

Tip your waiter 20%. They will much appreciate it. Also, do not forget to make reservations at restaurants, ESPECIALLY if you have a big party.
- Kelly

Saturday afternoons tend to be the busiest at the grocery stores. Plan on going to the beach in the afternoon and eating out Saturday night! Sunday morning is a great time to grocery shop – no one in their right mind is awake yet!
- LB

When riding up on a bike trail, be courteous and let others know you are approaching from behind.
- Catherine

Have fun. Remember, you are on vacation!
- Dan

Don’t feed the alligators or play with the snakes (they are most likely poisonous!).
- MB

If you think it’s nice vacationing here, you should try living here.
- Rich Neste

Try regional food & wine while you are here…and on the way home!
- Chris C.

  1. At least try the local seafood, even if it just a few grilled shrimp on an appetizer and definitely check out the Gullah History around here. Talk to the folks at the museums and join is in the Marsh Monday Night. We will be enjoying 5 different fireworks displays from the deck of our boat. Old Oyster Factory, Skull Creek, Harbortown and several other key locations have awesome fireworks watching spots and all the “Adult Beverages” and world class foodies you can stand.

    — Michael Reed    Jul 2, 10:20 am   

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