June 2011

PET EXTRAVAGANZA - Local Pet Finder: When Adding a New Member to your Household, Check Out these Local Rescues First!

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56 Riverwalk Blvd.

Adoption Fee is $95 and includes the age appropriate vaccines, spay, microchip, health screening and parasite control.

MARLOWE – Female domestic short hair kitty – Five months old – Marlowe is a gentle and clam kitty. She would do well for a young adult looking for their first companion animal or a quiet family.

HENRY – Male terrier mix – tan and white – Two years old but still exhibits puppy behavior. – Henry is a bundle of energy! He gets along well with his dog friends, he is great on a leash, he likes to play with people and other dogs. He need a strong handler.

CURLY – Curly is a male lab mix – beautiful deep black color with some chocolate highlights! – Curly is two years old – Curly is a wonderful dog. He is cat friendly. child friendly, dog friendly easy to walk and he wants to please!

TIPPY – Tippy is an almost all white domestic short hair female kitty – Tippy is two years old – Tippy is a wonderful well-adjusted cat. She is ok with a calm dog, great with other cats and she is very loving. She would fit well into any new home.

TIGGER – Tigger is a male domestic short hair orange and white tabby – Four years old – Tigger is very affectionate and easy going. He is good with pet savvy children, dogs and cats. He is a very agreeable cat.

TUCKER – Tucker is about two years old. – He is a Samoyed – purebred – He NEEDS lots of exercise, lots of attention from people, is great with other dogs, is fine with cats, is great with kids and he knows his basic commands.


10 Human Way

Adoption fee is $100/dog $90/cat includes the spay, microchip, health screening behaviorally assessed and for dogs – 6 months work of heart worm medication.

Marshall is a two year old mix breed. Marshall will do well in almost any home. He is very affectionate, walks nicely on a leash and gets along with other dogs and cats. He was found on a beach in Bluffton and longs to again feel the sand between his toes.

Mercy is three years old. Mercy would prefer to be your one and only. Born with one blue eye and one green eye this extra special cat is a real standout! She will fill your day with lively conversation and spend evenings snuggled in your lap.

New Jersey is five years old. She is an absolutely adorable diluted Calico. New Jersey loves to cuddle and spend time with her family. She is easy-going and gets along with other cats. She would make a great pet for any family!

Pennie is a four year old Hound. She is a little shy at first but warms up quickly and would be a wonderful pet for any family. Pennie loves to play with other dogs. She is always having a good day and can’t wait to share her joy with her new family.

Rustie is nine years old. This handsome, gentle Golden Retriever mix is the perfect family dog! Rustie gets along with other dogs and cats and is great with children. He still has a lot of good years ahead and looks forward to spending them with his loved ones.


25 Buck Island Road, Bluffton

Adoption Fee is $125 includes spay & vaccines.

Two year old female Black Lab Good with other dogs LOVES to play ball

Five month old female Pointer Mix Great with other dogs and kids

Three Year old Female Boxer Mix. Has been living at the kennel for over two years. Good with other dogs and kids

Six year old hound great w/other dogs, kids & cats

Two year old male Dapple Dachshund with crooked nose! Good with other dogs, kids and cats


342 Crabapple Lane, Ridgeland

Cost to adopt all Maranatha Farm dogs (except seniors) is $100, full refundable anytime during the animal’s lifetime, and it includes the spay or neuter, vaccinations, an Easy Walk harness, 6-month supply of heartworm prevention and Lifetime Free Vacation Boarding at Maranatha Farm.

“Sephora” was born in January and now weighs about 20 lbs.  When she was eight weeks old she was dumped in the driveway at Maranatha Farm during a rain shower, along with her two sisters.  Now a spayed female, she is learning to be housetrained and she gets along very well with other dogs.  Gentle with children, “Sephora” is smart and eager to please. 
(The photo of “Sephora” was taken by Brandon Waring.)

“Milo” is a playful neutered male about two years old.  This high energy boy loves to run and plays with other dogs all day.  He needs a fenced yard and at least one other dog for companionship.  “Milo” is very good with children but may be too rambunctious for toddlers. 

“Keebler” came to us with 20 other Chihuahuas when police cleared out a hoarding situation in Marion County where 179 Chihuahuas were being kept inside a house.  “Keebler” was suffering from malnutrition and neglect, and was gravely ill.   Dr. Richard Bink of Coastal Veterinary Clinic diagnosed “Keebler” with with Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis (GME) an inflammation of the brain stem. Though the prognosis was very poor, Dr. Bink treated “Keebler” and saved him.  Today “Keebler” is sleek and healthy.  He is neutered, and we believe he is about four years old.  He is a little high stung, and would be happiest in a quiet household. 
(The photo of “Keebler” was taken by Brandon Waring.)

“City Girl” is a spayed female Pit Bull mix about two years old.  “City Girl” likes other dogs and is very playful.  Though active all day, she loves a sweet cuddle-up on the couch in the evening.  She is well housetrained and obedient.  Her blue color is highly prized, so “City Girl” may never be left out-of-doors unattended, and she may not be taken to public dog parks where she might be blamed for any fuss.  “City Girl” is gentle and very affectionate. 

“Cheri” is a senior Min Pin.  (She doesn’t tell her age but we suspect she is around 10.)  “Cheri” is offered under our Seniors for Seniors Program, wherein a retired adopter pays no adoption fee and Maranatha Farm continues to provide all medical needs for the dog for the rest of it’s lifetime.  “Cheri” is cheerful and undemanding.  She is housetrained and paper-trained, and does not get into things when left alone.  (The photo of “Cherie” was taken by Patty Gosdin.)

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