June 2011

JUNE 2011: Editor's Note - We Had A Lot Of Fun With This Issue

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Well, maybe I shouldn’t speak for the entire team. Kelly had her share of frustrations with an impromptu thunderstorm, an obnoxious Hawaiian shirt and a large pink Adirondack chair. Catherine really enjoyed working on the weekend to pick up the slack for an out-of-town team member. Yes Stan, I am talking about you. But everyone deserves a vacation so be glad you took one, because you can’t take another one until 2014.

Wrangling a Great Dane and a Chihuahua for the better part of two hours was also a highlight. I fed Oliver (the Great Dane) my dinner (a beautiful Mellow Mushroom pizza) to get that cover shot. Ah, but it was worth it. Wardrobe malfunctions, late articles and a photographer in L.A. a week later than we expected make for…wait for it…one fantastic issue.

If everything went perfectly all of the time, what fun would life be? There would be no stories to exaggerate, and retell with hilarity. How many times do you hear someone say, “Remember the time when everything went smoothly, everyone was on time and nothing out of the ordinary happened?” Nobody wants to hear that story.

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together. If nothing else I know you’ll be entertained by the photos of YOUR furry friends on pages 52-56. We sure love our animals here in the Lowcountry!



“The more ego you have, the worse you perform.” Pg. 55

There is actually a watch that will tell you what the local tides are. Pg. 42

Brides schedule their weddings around college football games in the South. (Well, actually, I did know that. I just still can’t believe it!) Pg. 94

A 20 lb cat is as overweight as a 500 lb man. Pg. 60

The eyes are the doorway to systemic disease detection. Pg. 129

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