May 2011

Take Advantage of Market Conditions - NOW!

Author: Carl Schroeder

Have you always wanted to take advantage of the real estate market conditions? Maybe you held off because it was just too expensive at the time. Well, now is the right time. Many of us dream of transplanting ourselves to paradise. We are looking at the greatest opportunity to come along since 1976—the year I moved to Hilton Head Island. For the first time since the founding of Sea Pines in 1958 and Hilton Head Plantation in 1971, you can buy a lot for under $10,000. However, even when you find a lot at that price, you need to ask yourself this: Are there alternative choices to get the home I want, where I want it, on Hilton Head Island? Building a new home on a very discounted lot may be attractive, but are other opportunities available? Remember the famous Real Estate saying, “Location, location, location.” Low-cost lot inventory may not necessarily be the location that is best.

Finding your “diamond in the rough” home on Hilton Head Island takes expertise, patience and stamina. Many of the homes in Sea Pines, Hilton Head Plantation and Port Royal Plantation were built back in the late ’70s and ’80s. Remember it was not until 1969, that the first Heritage Golf Classic was played at the exclusive Harbour Town Golf Links, with young Arnie Palmer taking that win, while bringing Hilton Head Island to the attention of the world.

So what does all this have to do with buying your home or vacation home today?

A unique Makeover Model program: Our professional real estate team has researched, studied and compiled information on how to take advantage of a unique and rarely understood financing program for yesteryear’s built Hilton Head Island homes. This unique program has become a focus for our team. Our combined real estate and contractor team can find an older, existing home for you on a one-of-a-kind location lot, near golf, beach, lagoon or marsh, then do an update redesign, just like a newly-built home.

The key opportunity is the available financing program—95 percent financing up to $379,000, at low rates and with low qualifying criteria. The makeover requires only four months from start to finish. When you see what we refer to as your “Makeover Model” design, you will recognize that this opportunity may be just the right formula for owning a piece of Hilton Head Island—finally. “Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity” will be the next famous real estate saying as you take advantage of this unique program with our real estate team. To find out more, call me personally at (877) 709-8980, ext 101.

Carl Schroeder, a 35 year Hilton Head Island resident, now located in Bluffton, is Broker-in-Charge with Horizon Realty, LLC and part of a real estate team that will be opening a franchise in June.

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