May 2011

Exercise Outside of the Ordinary

Author: Don Foxe, M.ED.

When we are young, we have more opportunity for exercise that is fun. Sports, and pick-up games, even playground adventures take us from crib through college. After college most people lose contact with their childhood friends and with the sports and activities that kept them moving.

Getting “out of shape” as you age is as much a part of losing contact with that “inner child” as it is taking on the responsibilities of adulthood. Exercise for the sake of exercise often seems repetitive and boring. Exercise at home is often a pipe-dream, and “finding” the time to go to a club seems next to impossible. But if a friend called for a pick-up game with the old crowd, you would find the time.

Finding the time for fitness takes nothing more than finding fitness that is fun. Finding activities that allow you to move, burn calories, exercise while staying motivated by the actual exercise program means finding exercise outside of the ordinary.

Luckily, the fitness industry recognizes the need for youngsters and adults of all ages to discover fun fitness opportunities. Zumba®, using Latin music to make you move (for the equivalent of a boring three-mile walk) is an example of a class that is catching on internationally.

Other classes such as Body Pump® that work your entire muscle system, and Body Jam®, a Hip-Hop based aerobics class, appeal to younger and older Americans. Both classes rely on modern music with strong beats to get your heart (and feet) pumping.

You can also look outside. Beach Boot Camp is a way to get your morning started, enjoy the fact that you live on an island with great beaches, and have fun while getting fit.

Modern fitness facilities are moving towards providing members more than just equipment and standard group exercise programs in order to keep then interested and motivated to work out on a regular basis. And you no longer need to live in a large city to find modern classes and certified instructors. Classes and facilities traditionally found in urban centers are now available in smaller venues—like the Lowcountry.

A great example of a fitness facility with a modern feel on Hilton Head Island is Beach City Health and Fitness. The club was built to impress, with large panoramic windows that provide natural lighting and an upstairs fitness area and group exercise studio with a lagoon view. Neutral shades and diffused lighting allows people to exercise in a non-threatening environment. And out of the ordinary classes?

Members and guests to this well-appointed club can take international favorite classes like Body Pump and Body Jam for adults, teens and tweens, Zumba and Spinning®. You can learn Yoga or Pilates with a view of sunshine, water and trees instead of painted walls and fluorescent lighting.

Box-N-Fit™ and Boot Camps are also available, including a Beach Boot Camp offered by club instructors at Hilton Head Resort.

Finding ways to get fit that are not boring is as easy as finding group exercise classes and fitness facilities that are outside of the ordinary. When trying to decide if a class or a health club is going to help you rediscover fitness as a fun activity, not just drudgery, make sure you ask about complimentary trials or even guest rates that can apply towards joining should you enroll at a later date. Clubs and studios looking for long-term members and not just short-term dues and fees will do what they can to make you welcome. Then try something different. Spice up your exercise and you will find it a lot easier to “cook” off those extra post-college pounds.

Don Foxe, M.Ed. is owner of Beach City Health & Fitness. He is a certified instructor of Body Pump, Spinning, Body Combat, Zumba and creator of Box-N-Fit. In addition, he is a Century Martial Arts representative and member of the U.S. Martial Arts Association. For more information, call (843) 681-6161 or e-mail

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