May 2011

MAY 2011: Letters To The Editor

Author: Special To C2 Magazine

The New Column
We were overwhelmed by the response to what we should call Frank & Courtney’s column. At press time Frank was leading. Here’s what you said…

Point/ CounterPoint! This is the perfect name for the column   It describes perfectly what is about to happen.  Frank’s title sounds like an editorial. **– Dave

Love reading Courtney’s column and therefore vote it be named as she wishes…Point/Counterpoint.  I think it’s going to be fun.  - Eileen Hampson (yep…her Mom)

Hi!  My opinion is to go with Courtney and name the column, Point/Counterpoint. Thanks! - Sharon

I vote for Frank. – Marge

For the column, I think Frank’s title is much more catchy. I would be more drawn to Of course, I respect your opinion…..  Point/Counterpoint sounds too generic and “old”. – Kimberly

I like both ideas, but I think Frank’s humorous title will be more eye catching to readers. - Michele M.

I don’t know, I think Frank’s idea fits with the panache of HHI, while Courtney’s is more “low brow”. That being said I am much more “low brow” than HHI, so go Courtney ;o) – Mad Hatter

In response to your request to help name the new column for Frank and Courtney I noticed your contributors are younger than many of us and their reference to Point/Counterpoint from Saturday Night Live was correct.  However, that title was first used on 60 minutes for their debates before SNL.  So it has definitely been overused. Since one of them thinks they are right and the other wrong, how about “Right and Wrong” or “Are you Crazy?” Good Luck finding a title!
An avid reader – Diane

Editor’s Note: Good point Diane. And as an avid reader, you can call me anything you want to. Maggie, Maren. Whatever.

Great points from both…however Frank’s suggestion, while pleasantly sarcastic, defeats his branding argument in that it’s too long and complex to hit a niche’ or become a household name. Conversely, Point/Counterpoint is easily brandable but lacks the “punch” that represents the quality and style of both authors. So what about some variations on “Agree to disagree” or “Beg to differ…NOT”…“You think that WHY?”…I don’t know…it’s a starting point. Although, I have a feeling that Point/Counterpoint will win. I hate to say this, but what would Charlie Sheen say? And better yet, who cares? LOL….Good Luck! – Carie M.

I like Frank’s idea, but maybe shorten it a little to “Respectfully… You’re still wrong”. – Greg Farmer

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